Courtroom Crew Student Scholarship

At Dordulian Law Group, we’ve seen firsthand what passionate, competent legal representation can achieve in a courtroom setting. Not every law firm (or every lawyer) is cut out to take a case to trial. Standing tall in the courtroom and publicly fighting for your client takes a courageous heart and a swift mind — and we’re ready to lift up the next generation of attorneys willing to carry that burden.

It’s about time that more budding lawyers, regardless of their current situation, are given a chance to get a financial boost toward their future in litigation. That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our Courtroom Crew scholarship, which will make life a little easier for future trial attorneys as they complete their education.

It’s no secret that law school is an expensive commitment; and we believe that such risk in the name of protecting the rights of American citizens deserves to be rewarded with a measure of financial relief, whether it’s paying for books, tuition, or living expenses. The Courtroom Crew scholarship will be an open-ended opportunity to give back to the incredible legal students currently making their way through law school as they prepare to be the next defenders of the American people.

Dordulian Law Group is pleased to announce the details of our annual Courtroom Crew Trial Attorney Student Scholarship. Law school students who are attending a law school in the United States are invited to apply for this scholarship, the details of which can be found below.


Scholarship Criteria:

The scholarship is awarded to one law student annually at the beginning of the year. The criteria we measure is based on:

  • Enrollment in a law school in the United States
  • A grade-point-average (GPA) of 3.3 or above
  • Demonstration of community service
  • Written essay on why you deserve to be awarded this scholarship


Scholarship Award:

  • 1 scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded annually in January.


Scholarship Eligibility:

Scholarship applicants are required to do the following:

  • Fill out our student scholarship form
  • Write an essay on why you want to be a trial attorney and why you deserve to be awarded this scholarship
  • The essay should be at least 1,000 words long
  • Email your scholarship form and essay to


Submission Deadline:

Your scholarship form, essay and unofficial transcripts must be received by December 20, 2019 to be considered for the scholarship. We’ll award the winner of the scholarship by January 10, 2020.

Apply for Courtroom Crew Student Scholarship

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    Upload File: Zip file of Form, Essay & Transcripts.