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Client Review

“Thank you to all the staff, and attorney’s at Dordulian Law Group for an outstanding service. I was injured last year and my case was recently close. I will always be grateful to all the staff for your commitment. I will highly recommend to anyone.”
Maria V.
Client Review

Thanks for everything that you did with my no insurance car accident. Anthony right away got me the medical treatment I needed, Anthony and Rafi made this whole process a pleasure to work with believe it or not!

I appreciate the promptness, professionalism and stellar customer service thank you for your commitment. If someone needs an accident lawyer I would definitely recommend Dordulian Law Group is the best!!!

Previous to being referred to Dordulian Law Group, a different firm was handling my personal injury case. I would never receive updates on my case but the day I did the office called me to tell me they were looking at settling 60 at fault on my behalf and 40 on the other driver that rear ended me. Family friends told us to contact Dordulian Law group to get a second opinion on the case. I called them over the phone and promptly I had Rafi Avedian asking me to come in to further examine my case. Dordulian Law group took over my case and ended up getting me an amazing settlement and 100 percent liability in my favor. I couldn't be more thankful for all the effort and ease of mind that Rafi provided since the beginning of the case. Thank you for all the hard work and courteous customer

Two Separate Cases: Both $ettled!!

I found DLaw Group via Yelp reviews and decided to give them a shot. Lucky me. My first case was a Worker's Comp case which was settled after a little while.

My second case was a PI car accident case. Rafi did a fantastic job at negotiating a solid settlement for me. He referred me to a great chiropractor, x-ray labs, updated me with what the insurance company was saying/doing/offering, and overall did an excellent job!

Also, I ran into Sam Dordulian, Esq. and he seems like a nice guy but you can tell he doesn't mess around.

Samuel Dordulian is very informative and straightforward.

I have been seeking around for help the past week. I had a question about my pending case. Most personal injury lawyers are very hard to reach. I would have to schedule days ahead with money up front before my matter was listened to and they always made me felt like the world is ending because of the changes in the case.

Sam was different. I was able to reach him directly on the phone. He listened to what I had to say and told me all the possibilities there were to my accident case, in which ways he could help me and what options I had. It was a 15 minutes phone call and it was all I need to sleep better at night. He was definitely my go to if my case progresses and requires legal help.

Mr. Dordulian came recommended to me during a very turbulent and confusing time in my life.

If you’re reading this and wondering where to turn; I suggest giving Samuel a call.

From the first phone call to the final signing of my papers, Mr. Dordulian was communicative, proactive, helpful and kind. I didn't feel like "just a case" I felt heard. He's pugnacious without temper, controlled, calm and collected. I always felt like things were being handled in a methodical and efficient way- which was greatly appreciated and relieving.

Such a great experience, for such a tragic time. Thank you Mr Dordulian for taking my case seriously, caring about my health, connecting me with the best doctors with no out-of-pocket fees, and most importantly, taking care of my family and I's well being. A blessing to say the least.

Dordulain Law Group is the best law office in Glendale.

Rafi is an incredible man, he worked so hard and truly cared about my case! He explained everything, kept me constantly updated and did everything possible to make this as painless from the beginning to the end.

Rafi was very professional and on point, he always handled everything excellent and went above and beyond!

Thank you again~

I was hit by a car while crossing the street at a 4-way stop. Pretty cut and dry. I was fairly banged up but ended up with only a broken foot. But I couldn't go back to work and I knew I'd have a lot of medical bills. I didn't know what to do.

A friend, an attorney herself, suggested I call Arpi Yeremian, at Dordulian Law Group. Arpi took care of everything, from dealing with the hospital to working with the driver's insurance company. There's no way I could've done this myself. Three months later we reached a very satisfactory settlement and I could not be any happier.

I highly recommend to contact Arpi Yeremian any concerns about your case.

I came to Dordulian Law Group late in the game, I was referred to them by a lawyer in San Diego. After first meeting with Rafi I knew I was in good hands. The level of attention I was received was far above my expectations and I never had to wait long for a response.

Thank you Rafi and Anthony for doing a superb job. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and you will always have my repeat business. Thanks a bunch!

Mr. Dordulian and his team members (Kani, Julia, Julie, Steve, Juan) are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of worker's compensation based on my experience. After a few years he reopened the case and successfully brought it to the end. I was given the entire, bigger picture, before focusing on the specifics of my case, which gave me a sound understanding of the whole, and confidence in Mr. Dordulian's ability to pursue my case.

I appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success of our filing. Personally, I do not feel we could be in better hands.

Highly recomended!

Going thru an accident is a terrible, painful experience. Picking the wrong lawyer can even make the whole situation a real nightmare and even a more painful experience.

With Arpineh Yeremian at Dordulian Law Group my experience thru this whole ordeal was much more bearable. I felt supported in every single way from the beginning. I am 100% satisfied in my experience with Arpineh Yeremian.

I truly appreciate her great effort in order to get for me the maximum compensation.

Very professional law group to work with you in cases of car accidents or personal injuries. They were super fast pace, handles everything for you.

Would definitely recommend them.

Dordulian Law Group is an excellent and professional law firm for personal injury. They represent me in a slip and fall case.

Thank you for all the hard work and giving use the attention we deserved.

Had great communication with them them informed me of any changes and all changes to the case.

I could not be more thankful to Dordulian Law Group , They were very caring, patient and helpful. They took the time to really listen and hear me out. Outstanding work ethic demonstrated throughout the process and a very satisfying final outcome.

Very grateful to Rafi Avedian and the rest of the staff at Dordulian Law Group for being patient with me and supporting me through this difficult time in my life. If you're looking for a firm that treats its clients with the upmost respect and care then I highly recommend Dordulian .

I wanted to give a review to the law firm, they work very different from other offices, they tell you everything as they know about your case not giving you false hope! They also keep you updated throughout the process from the beginning and the end.

Rafi was very professional and on point, he always handled everything excellent and went above and beyond!

I highly recommend them and specially Rafi!

Thank you

It was great having Mr. Dordulain work on my personal injury case. He communicated well, could be reached easily by phone and worked hard to get me the best possible settlement for the injuries I sustained in the car accident. Without his professional assistance it would have been difficult to pay off all my hospital bills.

Great job and highly recommended.

Words can't describe how much Rafi at Dordulian Law Group helped my family and I.

I was hit by an non-insured driver in Woodland Hills and was referred by a family friend to see Rafi. When I visited Rafi and showed him my case and decided to have him as my attorney, he had me in a chiropractor office within 3 hours. In under 24 hours, I was told a rental car was ready to be picked up and was covered by insurance. I was also notified by Rafi that the driver that hit me had no valid insurance at time of accident (something I may have never found). My car was totally fixed, all medical bills were covered, and I'm walking away from a car crash where I don't feel like I was taken advantage of from my insurance or the other driver.

This was a beautiful experience overall and I will be returning EVERY SINGLE TIME something happens.

I'm a Latino, and even though I can communicate in English, I prefer to speak my native language, when it comes to understand legal terms and laws. The Dourdulian Law Group, assigned Anthony Palacios to communicate with me in Spanish. Anthony has been a wonderful, efficient person who helped me from the beginning. I received good transportation, outstanding medical help, and an excellent compensation for injury and damages.

I highly recommend this group.

Ellos pueden ayudar desde el principio, hasta el final en espanol y tienen un servicio de la mas alta calidad para latinos.

Me and my family have trusted all of our personal cases with them and I highly recommend this law group compared to others. Me and my family are extremely happy with their services they are friendly and very welcoming to everyone . I would definitely continue to trust them with any future business everything was overall amazing .

The kindness, The great Service Rafi applied To My family's case very professional.

I would Recommend Dordulian Law To any family members or friends. ONCE AGAIN THANY YOU VERY MUCH. Plus Rafi won are car accident Case.

Very satisfied.

This law group provided assistance when my mom was injured in a car accident. She was unable to work for quite sometime and had to go to therapy. They were very helpful and secured her compensation for lost wages due to her injuries. Thank you!

Dordulian Law Group & Rafi in particular helped me out greatly and was in constant communication with me during a year long process in an accident from being rear ended in a Lyft. The case took forever to actually end because the insurance would not pay my medical expenses from being injured in my back.

Rafi fought for me and I am so glad he did - he even went as far as spending close to 10 hours with me in Court while I had to self represent (in small claims you have to represent yourself FYI). He would send me constant updates by both phone and email as well - mad respect for that man, USC trained him well. What kind of other law firm does that? At that point anyone else would have given me talking points and left me to fend for myself. This, amongst many reasons (which reminds me - shoutout to Juliet for also recommending me this firm) is why this law group is so successful.

They care about their clients and that's why I've even recommended my own family members for representation from them. May they continue to prosper!

I got rear-ended in November '19 and my attorney Anthony at Dordulian Law Group was outstanding. He set me up to visit a terrific Chiropractor multiple times a week, answered all of my questions, and guided me through my treatments and everything, making my recovery easier to handle.

Dordulian Law Group is very professional and responsive, and they put in hard work to take good care of you. If you call them ASAP, I assure they will take care of you just as well as Anthony and his team took care of me.

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