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Dordulian Law Group successfully recovered a $2 million settlement on behalf of a female survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Although the terms of the settlement stipulate that the plaintiff and defendant remain anonymous, this case is yet another DLG victory provided under California AB 218’s three-year lookback window which pauses the statute of limitations on all childhood sex crimes through the end of 2022. In this particular case, despite the crimes occurring decades ago, Dordulian Law Group was still able to secure justice for the survivor.

RECOVERED Substantial Financial Damages Award

Although the terms of this agreement stipulate that the award amount remain confidential, Dordulian Law Group is very pleased with the outcome we were able to secure on behalf of our client, a nanny who was sexually assaulted by her employer. The confidential figure represents justice on behalf of the survivor who we were proud to represent.



Dordulian Law Group has successfully obtained a $1 million partial settlement in an ongoing medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors. After undergoing spinal cord stimulator implant surgery, our client lost the ability to feel or move his lower extremities. An emergency corrective procedure was attempted, but the damage was irreversible. The plaintiff is now permanently paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair and adjusting to a new way of life.

Despite California’s $250K cap on non-economic medical malpractice damages, DLG’s experienced and dedicated team was able to secure a $1 million settlement against the surgeon (the maximum allowable under insurance policy limits). Given the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, we are aggressively pursuing a similar damages award in a separate malpractice case against the pain management doctor. We will provide an update once a final resolution is reached.

$1 million partial settlement in an ongoing medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors


Premises Liability. Ms. H was involved in a fall that left her seriously injured. The property company attempted to settle the matter for a few thousand dollars, but we refused to allow them to skirt their responsibility. In the end, we were able to secure a settlement for her in the amount of $3.25 million.


Rape Victim. Although we can’t disclose details of this case due to a confidentiality agreement, Dordulian Law fought to secure a young rape victim a settlement of $2.25 million.


Work Fall Injury. Oscar M. never expected to sustain a severe head injury while on the job. That slip and fall at work led to Dordulian Law securing Oscar a settlement of $1.95 million.


Motorcycle Accident. When Ricardo G. experienced a motorcycle accident resulting in a serious shoulder injury, Dordulian Law helped him achieve a settlement of $1.25 million.

RECOVERED $1.1 Million

Premises Liability / Manufacturer Defect. Justin M, a 17-year old young man went to Big Air Trampoline Park in Orange County with his brothers and sisters on a rainy Sunday afternoon. While playing a game of trampoline dodgeball his leg slipped under the padding of the court and his knee was impaled by an exposed bolt thereby fracturing his patella. Case proceeded to trial against both the trampoline park and the manufacturer of the trampoline system. Through litigation manufacturer defendant had offered only $5,000 to settle and park defendant had offered a dismissal for a waiver of costs. We were able to exclude the park’s full waiver the plaintiff had signed that both defendants were relying upon and obtained a favorable verdict against both in the amount of $1,105,500.

RECOVERED $750,000

Motorcycle Accident. A Kaiser doctor injured Lori W.’s vocal cords during surgery. The attorneys at Dordulian Law helped Lori achieve a settlement of $750,000.

RECOVERED $835,000

Traffic Accident. Elise H. was a passenger in a work van that got into a serious accident. She sustained significant leg injuries, but Dordulian Law fought for her rights – and secured her a settlement of $835,000.

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