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Rape victim. Although we can’t disclose details of this case due to a confidentiality agreement, Dordulian Law fought to secure a young rape victim a settlement of $2.25 million.


Motorcycle accident. When Ricardo G. experienced a motorcycle accident resulting in a serious shoulder injury, Dordulian Law helped him achieve a settlement of $1.25 million.

RECOVERED $750,000

Motorcycle accident. A Kaiser doctor injured Lori W.’s vocal cords during surgery. The attorneys at Dordulian Law helped Lori achieve a settlement of $750,000


Work fall. Oscar M. never expected to sustain a severe head injury while on the job. That slip and fall at work led to Dordulian Law securing Oscar a settlement of $1.95 million.

RECOVERED $835,000

Traffic accident. Elise H. was a passenger in a work van that got into a serious accident. She sustained significant leg injuries, but Dordulian Law fought for her rights – and secured her a settlement of $835,000.

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