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Dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and ensuring the safety of others. If you have been bitten by a dog, your injury is a result of a dog owner who did not do their duty to protect you from their animal. Dog owners should ensure their animal is always properly socialized, restrained, and vaccinated to best protect those who may come in contact with the dog. You may wonder if you can sue for a minor dog bite. Do not let yourself or the dog owner down-play your injuries. Dordulian Law Group’s dog bite attorneys know how common it is for dog owners or insurance companies to try to pass dog bites off as a minor injury or event. Don’t be intimidated or convinced that your injury does not matter. Contact us now for dog bite legal advice – Dordulian Law Group will fight to make you whole.

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Dog Attacks

Our dog bite attorneys and dog attack attorneys understand how traumatic a violent attack can be for victims. Dog attacks go beyond physical injury, they can shake your perception of animals and dog owners and make you feel unsafe. Dog attacks can result in:

With these injuries or traumas, you may be experiencing overwhelming medical costs. You may be concerned about how much a dog bite lawsuit will cost, not wanting to add to your bills or stress levels. Our dog bite lawyers will not charge you a penny if we do not win your suit. Don’t let your fear or worry stop you from reaching out for help. Our dog attack lawyers understand that now, more than ever, you need someone to advocate for you.

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Dordulian Law Group has dog bite attorneys that specialize in working with insurance companies and dog owners to get you compensation to make you whole. Our dog bite injury lawyers will not let your injuries or trauma be minimized – contact us now to schedule a free consultation. You need a dog bite lawyer that is your advocate and fights for your dignity.

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