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From big rig accidents, to 18 wheeler wrecks, and all other truck accident claims in California — Dordulian Law Group is standing by to be your trusted ally and representative. If you’ve been in a wreck involving a truck, whether you were the driver or another party, our attorneys can help you quickly and efficiently settle liability disputes and resolve your truck accident claims in your favor.

Being struck by a semi truck is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can live through on the road. And for those who do indeed live through this nightmare, things seem to only get more complicated as medical costs mount, insurance companies try to stonewall you, or disputes over liability arise.

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Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in Glendale CA

If you don’t handle the initial stages of your post-accident life properly, you could be reeling from the financial consequences for the rest of your life. But after experiencing such trauma, who could blame you for wanting to just make the insurance companies go away? After all, our firm sees truck accidents causing some of the very most devastating injuries and physical disabilities possible. 

That’s exactly why you need an experienced, aggressive truck accident attorney in your corner. Dordulian Law will remove all the burdens of communicating with insurance companies or trying to handle the accident aftermath yourself. We’ll help you get the best medical care, take over negotiations on your behalf, and ensure that your best interests are assertively advocated for by some of the very best lawyers in the Glendale area.

Just because someone drives a truck professionally doesn’t mean that they make serious, life-altering mistakes. In fact, truck accidents occur routinely all over the country, and for a wide variety of reasons.

Truck drivers are susceptible to:

  • Fatigue
  • Overwork
  • Lack of sleep
  • Reckless or erratic driving
  • Road rage
  • Cargo overloads
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Inadequate truck maintenance
  • Lack of mandated training or licensure

Unfortunately, any one of these factors (or several of them combined) can lead to a traumatic truck accident that leaves passengers of other cars seriously injured.

Injuries from truck accidents can cause lifelong lack of earning potential, chronic pain, mental trauma and anguish, PTSD, or permanent disability. If you were the unfortunate victim of a truck accident, it’s critical that you speak with one of our highly qualified attorneys as soon as possible. We have successfully litigated truck accident cases for years, and Dordulian Law is intimately familiar with the way this area of the law is interpreted in California.

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“Taking some time to recognize and thank a great man and team for going above and beyond in assisting me with my car accident case . Rafi Avedian is like the back bone to this law firm of Dordulian law group . I’m blessed to have my girlfriends co-worker whom referred me to this Law group.”
Dorian N.
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Truck Wreck Lawyer Fees

In addition to the stress of this incident, as well as medical costs and lost wages, you may be worried about the potential cost of hiring a truck or 18 wheeler accident lawyer to represent you. Good news: our Glendale truck accident attorneys will not charge you a penny unless we win you financial compensation. Dordulian Law Group wants you to stay calm and trust that our team is always working to protect you and your family. Contact us right now for a free legal consultation: we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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