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If you, or a loved one suffered physical and/or emotional injuries because of a sexual assault or rape,
you may qualify to file a civil lawsuit against the individual.

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Rape Victim Attorney

Rape Victims Lawyers in Los Angeles Fighting For Justice

When it comes to classifying crimes in terms of their degree of evil, there are only a handful of criminal acts that are in the same abhorrent category as rape. It’s a violation that can lead to physical and emotional trauma for the victim, which is often compounded by the fact that speaking up about one’s attacker is still somewhat stigmatized in this country.

Dordulian Law Group believes your story. Our Los Angeles rape victims attorneys are standing by ready to help – without judgment, without skepticism, and with a compassionate ear. Your voice deserves to be heard. At Dordulian Law, we’ve been fighting for rape survivors’ rights for years, bringing powerful and swift justice to those who would commit this unspeakable crime against another person.

Rape Victims Lawyers in Los Angeles Fighting For Justice

Lead attorney and firm founder, Sam Dordulian, is a former deputy district attorney who spent the first decades of his career putting rapists behind bars in Los Angeles. Now, he’s ready to fight for your right to be financially compensated for what you’ve been through.

What Is Rape? Understanding the Legal Definition

Simply put, California law defines rape as sexual intercourse that occurs without the consent of one of the parties involved.

To discuss your legal options, schedule an appointment with our sexual harassment lawyers today. Call (866) 369-5435.

Common misconceptions about rape include ...

  • Rape can’t occur if the two people are in a relationship or married – FALSE. Rape can absolutely occur regardless of the relationship (or lack thereof) between the parties. Rape is possible between lovers, enemies, friends, family, total strangers, and every other possibility.
  • It’s not rape if one or both parties are intoxicated – FALSE. Regardless of the inebriation of either party in a rape scenario, if non-consensual intercourse has taken place, rape has occurred.
  • Only adult women are raped – FALSE. Rape can happen to anyone, including children, teens, men, women, and trans individuals.
  • If you have a criminal trial pending, you can’t pursue civil damages against a rapist – FALSE. Concurrent criminal and civil rape cases are extremely common, and are often the most efficient and comprehensive way to make sure that justice is served.
    • Rape in California - By The Numbers

      It’s estimated that less than a third of rapes are reported to the police. This tragic figure represents how far we have to go as a society before we stop excusing the terrible behavior of others and start believing victims wholeheartedly when they come forward.
      It can be very hard to get a felony conviction against an accused rapist – some data puts the conviction rate around 1%. That’s where a civil trial can come in to provide some semblance of justice served, when the criminal options can feel limited.

      2,455 rapes were reported to police in California in the year 2017 alone. In every single one of those cases, it was the attacker’s fault – not the victim’s. It is not your fault.

      Rape victim statistics from the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) provide sobering insight into where and how these attacks are occurring. Over two thirds (67%) of rapes occur in or near the victim’s home, or a relative’s home. About 25% of rapes occur in a public space, either enclosed or open. And finally, a full 8% of rapes occur at school.

      The Aftermath of Rape – What You Should Know

      • Only your attacker is to blame. What happened is not your fault. Regardless of what you might be reflexively thinking, or what you might have been led to believe from many of the broken narratives in our society, it is not your job to minimize the chance of your rape occurring. The responsibility lies on one person, and one person alone: your rapist.
      • You don’t have to figure this out by yourself. After your experience, you might feel like withdrawing from your life. You might not be sure where to turn. You might not even be sure if other people will care if you speak up. But there are so many resources available to you that can help set you on the path to healing. People do care. You are important.
      • Yes, you can bring your attacker to justice. If you’re ready to fight for justice, we typically recommend that you initiate a criminal and civil complaint as soon as possible to maximize your chances of successfully bringing consequences to your attacker. Even if your efforts to pursue criminal charges have failed, you may have a better chance in a civil case.
      • There’s no “right way” to feel about your experience. What you’ve been through is something that no one should have to endure. At Dordulian Law, we have two certified, licensed victims’ advocates on staff who can help you begin, or continue walking your path toward healing.
      • Your attorneys will carry you on their shoulders. It can feel overwhelming or scary to take action to find justice after your experience. The attorneys at Dordulian Law will shield you from the vast majority of what comes next. We protect you, and fight on your behalf.

      Dordulian Law Group Is Uniquely Qualified To Represent Rape Survivors

      There are few law firms in Los Angeles that can stand on the kind of record that Dordulian Law Group has when it comes to representing victims of rape and sexual assault. We’ve made it our primary area of urgent focus, and the team we’ve constructed to aggressively pursue these cases is uniquely qualified to do so.

      As mentioned earlier, Sam Dordulian is a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles, specializing in prosecuting rape and sex crimes. His decades of work in this area has resulted in the successful prosecution and imprisonment of countless dangerous criminals who no longer walk the streets.

      In addition to Mr. Dordulian, we’re pleased to have Moses Castillo as our chief investigator on staff. Detective Castillo spent nearly 30 years on the LAPD as a senior detective in the sex crimes unit, with an incredible track record of relentlessly pursuing justice for victims.

      To discuss your legal options, schedule an appointment with our sexual harassment lawyers today. Call (866) 369-5435.

      Fighting For Victims' Rights
      Licensed Clinical Therapist On Staff
      Former Deputy District Attorney

      How Dordulian Law Group Can Help Rape Survivors Find Justice

      If you’re considering filing a civil suit against your attacker, it may be because some statistics show that less than 3% of rapists will actually go to prison. This upsetting statistic is rooted in many different types of societal dysfunction, including a general “blame the victim” mentality, unclear laws, and other problems.

      If you decide to pursue a civil rape case against your attacker with Dordulian Law, you can expect us to…

      • Prosecute your rapist. We will explore every legal avenue at our disposal to ensure that the full weight of California law is brought to bear on the person who did this to you or your loved one. If a criminal case is not an option for any reason, we will still forge ahead with your civil complaint.
      • Prosecute your rapist’s employer. According to RAINN, approximately 12% of rape victims were working when the crime occurred. Employers and businesses have a moral and legal responsibility to prevent crimes like this from occurring at the hands of their employees, or on their premises. Additionally, many businesses may seek to cover up, deny, or bury these complaints when they arise – which they are mandated not to do.
      • Prosecute the property owner. Even private property and businesses are responsible to ensure that their location is not a viable place to commit a heinous crime like rape. The owner has a duty to keep you safe by employing things like security systems, proper lighting and entryway locks, and on-foot security where appropriate. The absence of these safeguards can absolutely leave them liable in a civil case.
      • Prosecute the school, nursing home, state/federal building, or university. Certain places are especially common locations for rape to occur. Dordulian Law has extensive experience holding these facilities accountable for the culture or negligence that allowed your attacker the logistical ability to go through with the assault.

      If you’re ready to seek justice on your behalf, or to assist a loved one, Dordulian Law Group is ready to listen. Our consultations are totally free, with zero obligation – and you have the absolute guarantee of privacy, confidentiality, and discretion when you speak with us. When you’re ready, send us a message or give us a call. We’re on your side, and we’re ready to help you start the next chapter of your life.

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