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Victim of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment? You have an advocate
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Are You A Victim of Sexual Assault, Abuse, or Harassment? Our Sexual Assault Lawyers Are Here to Help

Sexual assault, abuse, and harassment can have lasting emotional and physical impacts on victims. While many assaults occur at the hands of strangers, our sexual assault attorneys know it is all too common for abuse to be perpetrated at the hands of those close to the victim. You are not alone. As a former Deputy District Attorney, Samuel Dordulian has handled hundreds of sexual abuse and assault cases. He has helped prosecute countless assailants and bring victims and communities justice. The Dordulian Law Group’s sexual abuse lawyers have decades of experience and are prepared to help you achieve financial compensation for your suffering.

Know Your Rights as a Victim with the Help of Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Victims of sexual assault and abuse often find themselves feeling confused, afraid, and alone. The Dordulian Law Group’s sexual assault lawyers will take your accusations seriously. We want you to feel confident, safe, and secure in the knowledge that our sexual abuse attorneys are here to help you find justice. You do not need to feel embarrassed or alone: we have decades of experience advocating for victims and are ready to help you know your rights and feel empowered.

What Makes Dordulian Law Group the Right Sexual Abuse Lawyers for Me?

Led by Samuel Dordulian, a former Deputy District Attorney, the Dordulian Law Group has:

Helped over 1,000 clients
Recovered more than $20 million
Over 40 years of experience

You can feel confident that the Dordulian Law Group is dedicated to advocating for victims of sexual abuse. Please contact us to schedule a free, private, and confidential consultation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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