Victims Sue Illinois Gynecologist Dr. Fabio Ortega for Patient Sexual Abuse

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More Dr. Fabio Ortega Sex Abuse Lawsuits Expected Following 3-Year Prison Sentence

More Dr. Fabio Ortega Sex Abuse Lawsuits Expected Following 3-Year Prison Sentence

Jan 31, 2024

A former Illinois gynecologist who pleaded guilty to criminal sexual assault in 2021 is facing countless civil lawsuits from women alleging various forms of doctor/patient sex abuse during exams.

Dr. Fabio Ortega, a former NorthShore University HealthSystem OB/GYN who served patients throughout the Chicago area, was sentenced to three years at the Illinois Department of Corrections. Ortega, who also worked at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital, had his medical license revoked in 2018. Sadly, Ortega continued practicing for several years despite a 2013 complaint which was made to NorthShore about the now convicted sex offender’s misconduct during a postpartum exam.

The following year, another former Dr. Ortega patient filed a sexual misconduct complaint with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Between 2013 and 2017, court filings indicate that multiple women who were formerly under the medical care of Dr. Ortega made complaints of either misconduct or direct sexual assault occurring during exams.

Following Ortega’s criminal sentencing in 2021, a Skokie woman filed a civil lawsuit against the former gynecologist. The claim, filed by a mother who had given birth – identified only as Jane Doe – alleges that Ortega assaulted her in 2012 at his Lincolnwood office for a routine, post-partum visit. In October 2021, the plaintiff told Fox 32 Chicago she felt so “vulnerable at that moment and I really trusted him.”

My exam was already done, the nurse had left the room, I was still undressed, he signed out of his computer and that was when he took the opportunity to abuse me,” she said to Fox Chicago.

In addition to filing a claim against Dr. Ortega, Jane Doe sued NorthShore University HealthSystem.

NorthShore released the following statement after being hit with the lawsuit:

We find any professional misconduct of this nature to be deeply disturbing and not reflective of the high standards of care we stand for and that our patients expect from us. We continue to investigate and work with authorities. The physician in question is no longer employed by us.

Multiple civil suits have since been filed against Dr. Fabio Ortega as well as NorthShore University HealthSystem and Swedish Covenant Hospital. One complaint indicates that although NorthShore Health administrators were aware that Skokie police officials were investigating Ortega’s sexual misconduct against patients in 2017, he was allowed to keep practicing medicine. As a result, an unknown number of women are believed to have been sexually assaulted by Ortega over the next several years.

Additionally, multiple civil claims filed with Cook County Circuit Court allege that NorthShore University HealthSystem may have negligently allowed Ortega to continue seeing female patients without a chaperone, potentially resulting in additional instances of sexual abuse being committed.

Timeline of Dr. Fabio Ortega’s Alleged Sexual Abuse of Chicago-area Patients

Timeline of Dr. Fabio Ortegas Alleged Sexual Abuse of Chicago-area Patients
The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation confirms the following sequence of events leading up to Dr. Fabio Ortega’s arrest and eventual prison sentence:

  • 2018: Ortega’s medical license was suspended for “engaging in sexual misconduct with a patient of his practice.”
  • 2021: Ortega was placed on electronic surveillance monitoring while under investigation for doctor sexual misconduct.
  • October 2021: Ortega pleaded guilty to the criminal sexual assault of two women.
  • 2021: Ortega was placed on the lifetime sex offender registration list.

Former obstetrics and gynecology patients from several Chicago-area communities, including Cook County, Skokie, and Lincolnwood may have been victimized by Dr. Fabio Ortega.

Dr. Fabio Ortega/NorthShore University Health System Agree to Pay $35 Million Settlement

A $35 million medical malpractice settlement was announced in April 2023 after parents of twins born prematurely on October 29, 2015, at NorthShore Evanston Hospital filed a lawsuit against the medical facility and Dr. Fabio Ortega.

“All but two jurors at the Daley Center in Chicago found that then-NorthShore Dr. Fabio Ortega was negligent and liable for the catastrophic injuries suffered by the younger of the twins during a ‘rare and dangerous’ cesarean deliver that lasted 14 minutes, leaving the now-7-year-old old girl with cerebral palsy and in need of constant medical care for the rest of her life,” Patch Illinois reported.

Victims of Dr. Fabio Ortega May be Entitled to Financial Compensation Through Sex Abuse Civil Claims

If you experienced sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or sexual abuse as a patient of Dr. Fabio Ortega, you may be able to recover a damages award by filing a civil lawsuit with Dordulian Law Group and the Chicago, Illinois-based Stinar/Gould firm.

Even if your abuse occurred years ago, a civil claim with Dordulian Law Group’s doctor sexual assault attorneys – led by former sex crimes prosecutor Sam Dordulian – could lead to a cash settlement or verdict encompassing a variety of applicable damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost wages or diminished future earning capacity
  • Counseling/therapy expenses (past and future)
  • Medical care expenses (past and future)
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Punitive damages

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