1 Killed in Ventura 134 Freeway Semi-Truck/Honda Civic Crash at Glendale Avenue

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Honda Civic Crashes Into Semi-Truck on Glendale 134; 1 Driver Dead

Honda Civic Crashes Into Semi-Truck on Glendale 134; 1 Driver Dead

Apr 2, 2024

A tragic early-morning traffic collision near Glendale, California, left one dead and shut down all but a single lane of traffic on the 134 Ventura Freeway.

Reports of the deadly Honda Civic/semi-truck crash began around 5 a.m. today, with the big rig accident occurring on the westbound span of the 134 near Glendale Avenue, a KTLA story confirmed.

A SigAlert was subsequently issued which lasted until 7:30 a.m. The alert was ultimately extended an additional hour after it was confirmed by California Highway Patrol (CHP) authorities that the driver of the Honda Civic had died in the truck crash.

CHP Officer Michael Nasir told City News Service that patrol officers were dispatched to the westbound freeway and Glendale Avenue at around 4:53 a.m. Upon arrival to the scene, CHP officers said they found the wreckage of the vehicles blocking the middle lanes of the freeway.

KTLA’s Sky5 helicopter reported while emergency crews were on the scene. Commuters were reportedly “squeezing by the crash scene” in the far right lane. As a result, “pretty big backups” for local commuters heading into the Glendale area were reported.

“We believe that the body of the person that was pronounced dead here on the westbound side of the 134 is still within that car,” KTLA’s Rich Prickett said.

KTLA also noted that traffic was backed up into Eagle Rock as a result of the semi-truck on Honda Civic crash.

No information on the victim driving the Honda Civic was released.

Drivers in the Glendale area are advised to seek alternative routes:

  • Using Colorado Street to get to the 5 Freeway
  • Using the 210 Freeway
  • Commuters heading north on the 2 Freeway are also urged to avoid the 134 Freeway interchange

As of 6 a.m., drivers attempting to get from Figueroa to Glendale Avenue required 60 minutes of travel time.

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