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Heading out to explore the beautiful landscape of California on a motorcycle is a popular hobby of thousands of residents and visitors alike. However, riding a motorcycle increases your risk of suffering an injury immensely when compared to driving or riding as a passenger in a traditional motor vehicle. In fact, you are nine times more likely to suffer an injury in a motorcycle crash than in a motor vehicle crash.

The experienced and trusted motorcycle accident attorneys at Dordulian Law Group understand these dangers and will vehemently fight to protect the rights of all injured victims. Our team has more than 40 years of experience, has recovered more than $100 million for clients in verdicts and settlements, and has a 98% success rate.

What is a Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claim?

A motorcycle accident personal injury claim is a type of personal injury lawsuit filed to recover financial damages for a motorcycle accident. It is recommended that your claim be filed by an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating to you and your family. Injuries could be so serious that you might not be able to work, could require surgery to repair injuries, and might not be able to care for yourself. Compensation from a personal injury claim can help you pay for medical expenses, physical therapy, renovations to your home (installation of a ramp, etc.), and pay the bills until you can return to work.

What Damages Can You Recover in a Motorcycle Accident?

There are special damages you can claim in a personal injury lawsuit from the negligent party who caused the accident. Some of these damages include:

  • Repair or replacement cost for the motorcycle
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity and lost wages if the injuries you suffered prevent you from working
  • Loss of priceless or irreplaceable items

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Compensation for general damages stemming from a Torrance, California, motorcycle accident may include the following:

If a loved one died as a result of the injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party. Compensation can be claimed for loss of companionship, funeral expenses, grief, and loss of household services. An experienced Dordulian Law Group Torrance motorcycle accident lawyer can review your case and fight for your right to compensation so you do not have to pay for medical expenses out of your own pocket.

What Are Some Examples of Motorcycle Accidents And Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

What Are Some Examples of Motorcycle Accidents And Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle? Do you want to refresh your motorcycle knowledge before heading out on the open road? Either way, you should learn about the different types of motorcycle accidents and motorcycle accident injuries so you can do everything possible to keep yourself safe on the roads of Torrance, California.

The chances of an accident increase when the driver of a vehicle or operator of a motorcycle is impaired, is distracted, is driving drowsy, or is operating at speeds higher than the posted limit.

Common scenarios leading to motorcyle accidents include:

  • Car Turns Left in Front of the Motorcycle

More commonly known as a left-turn accident, these collisions can occur at any type of intersection. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 36% of crashes involving two vehicles and 21% of non-fatal crashes causing injuries occur because of a vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle. In the majority of these crashes, the driver of the car fails to see the approaching motorcycle or misjudges the speed at which the motorcycle is traveling.

  • Defects in Road Conditions

Road conditions play a major role in many motorcycle accidents throughout California. Potholes, sunken roads, seams, cracks, and debris can all cause a motorcycle to crash. It can be nearly impossible for a motorcycle rider to see a pothole, especially if it is on an incline or filled with water.

  • Vehicle Changes Lane Into Motorcycle’s Path

The path of a motorcycle can easily be impacted when another vehicle changes lanes abruptly without looking. It’s common for motorcycles to travel in the blind spots of other drivers and is often unavoidable depending on traffic patterns and volume. However, the other driver still has the responsibility of checking before changing lanes.

Contact our top-rated team of expert motorcycle accidents attorneys online or by phone today to pursue justice and secure a financial award for damages.

  • Roadway Debris

Debris in the roadways of Torrance, California can send a motorcyclist flying off their bike in an instant. Dirt, sand, rocks, rubber from tires, branches, and trash can wreak havoc on a motorcyclist. Proving fault in this type of accident is very difficult if no one was around to witness it. However, if debris fell off a truck or vehicle directly in front of you and it caused you to crash, the driver of that vehicle can be held accountable. It will be much easier for you to prove liability in a roadway debris crash if the following are present:

  • Someone who witnessed the accident
  • A camera on your motorcycle helmet that is always recording
  • The person driving the vehicle in front of you noticed the crash and stopped

Personal injury claims involving roadway debris might initially be denied by an insurance company, which will most likely place the blame on the motorcyclist. If you work with an experienced Torrance motorcycle accident lawyer from the Dordulian Law Group, we will fight to protect your right to compensation for your injuries and the damage to your motorcycle.

  • Flaws in Road Design

Even though architects and engineers are hired by states to design roads, mistakes can still be made. These flaws can be deadly for motorcyclists. Flaws in road designs can include missing shoulders, issues with line of sight, no guardrails, and insufficient dimensions for the roadways. Motorcyclists injured in this type of motorcycle accident can seek compensation from the city, county, and/or state where the road is located.

  • Speeding and Sudden Stops

Just like driving a motor vehicle, speeding and sudden stops are dangerous for motorcyclists in Torrance, California. Motorcyclists, more so than any other type of driver, should maintain a safe speed and following distance. Give yourself plenty of time to stop your motorcycle so that you do not crash into the rear of a vehicle or truck, which can be deadly. If you travel at the posted speed limit, you will have more time to react to debris in the road and other hazards.

If you believe you have a personal injury case and wish to pursue a claim, don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning expert attorneys online or by phone today.

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Operators and passengers of motorcycles are susceptible to serious injuries if involved in a motorcycle crash, some of which include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Road rash
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Bruises, scrapes, and lacerations
  • Injuries to the lower extremities
  • Amputation
  • Decapitation

What is a No-Contact Motorcycle Crash?

There is such a thing as a “no-contact” motorcycle crash. These are crashes that involve only the motorcycle and no other vehicle. Many of these accidents happen when the motorcyclist maneuvers the machine in an effort to avoid a left-turn or lane-change crash. As the motorcyclist moves to avoid an immediate crash, he or she winds up crashing the bike without hitting a vehicle. Many people will claim that this is the fault of the motorcyclist. However, an experienced Torrance motorcycle accident lawyer can help prove that liability does exist on the part of another driver that the motorcyclist was trying to avoid. Dordulian Law Group’s team of personal injury lawyers has extensive experience handling all types of motorcycle accidents.

Steps to Take Following a Torrance Motorcycle Crash

If you ever find yourself involved in a Torrance, California, motorcycle crash, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

  • Move yourself to safety and away from oncoming traffic
  • Call 911 to report the motorcycle crash
  • Take pictures of the accident scene as quickly as possible (debris, damage, injuries, conditions, etc.)
  • Collect the information of all other drivers and witnesses involved
  • Accept medical evaluation by responding EMTs (go to the hospital if it is recommended. You can also request to be taken to the ER.)
  • Report the crash to your insurance company but do not accept an offer until you speak to an attorney
  • Call Dordulian Law Group to speak with an experienced and trusted Torrance motorcycle accident lawyer

If you are ever involved in a Torrance motorcycle crash, you should never do the following:

  • Post about the crash on your social media accounts
  • Provide your insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver a recorded statement
  • Utter the words “I’m sorry,” even if you were partly at-fault for the crash
  • Speculate when speaking to the police about the crash (only provide the facts of the crash)

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What is The Statute of Limitations For Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim in California?

You do not have unlimited time to file a motorcycle crash claim when injured in a Torrance, California, motorcycle crash. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If you file your claim after the statute of limitations has expired, it will more than likely be thrown out by a judge unless you can prove mitigating circumstances.

According to the California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) 335.1, you have just two years from the date of the accident to file a motorcycle accident claim against the at-fault party. It might seem like you have plenty of time to file a claim in the days immediately following the crash, but you should consult with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible so you do not miss the opportunity to seek a motorcycle accident financial damages award.

Motor vehicle accidents are handled a little differently under California law when it comes to the statute of limitations. You still have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim, but you also have three years from the date of the accident to file a claim related to property damage.

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How Does California Handle Shared Fault in Motorcycle Accidents?

California operates using shared fault laws, which means that your motorcycle accident damages can be lowered if you were partly at-fault for the motorcycle crash that caused your injuries. The court is only required to prove that the party you claimed was responsible for your injuries was not 100% responsible for those injuries in order for you to see reduced compensation because of shared fault laws. If this is the case, the fault will be assigned a percentage by the court, which will then be applied to the compensation awarded. So, if you were deemed to be 10% at-fault for the crash, your motorcycle accident damages award will be reduced by 10%.

How do I Find a Torrance Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Filing a motorcycle accident claim in California can be challenging if you don’t know the law or when you don’t work with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. There’s no guarantee that you will win a motorcycle accident claim even if it is filed within the two-year window governed by the statute of limitations. That’s why you need to work with an experienced and trusted personal injury attorney from Dordulian Law Group when injured in a Torrance, California, motorcycle accident.

Call our Torrance office at (310) 504-1911 or complete a contact form on our website to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team. Put your trust in a team that has more than 40 years of experience. We have secured more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients with a 98% success rate.

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