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Which Cars are Ranked as the Most Accident-Prone?

Which Cars are Ranked as the Most Accident-Prone?

Jul 11, 2023

On the surface, describing a car as being “accident prone” seems to be somewhat subjective. All things being equal, can certain car models actually be more likely to be involved in accidents than others? As it turns out, specific cars are involved in more reported accidents than others – often at a much higher rate.

This is where the label of accident-prone cars originates. However, given that there is always at least one driver involved in a car accident, perhaps certain types of vehicles attract people with higher accident records than others.

One of the innovations that insurance companies are utilizing to identify at-risk drivers is an Automated Identity Verification system, such as Jumio. By implementing this system, insurers can not only ensure smooth processes like verifying I.D. and enhancing security, but they can also avoid identity fraud by verifying drivers involved in reported motor vehicle accidents. This valuable information enables insurers to develop a comprehensive understanding of individuals with a higher frequency of at-fault accidents.

What does it mean for a car to be ‘accident-prone’?

It’s pretty clear that a vehicle itself can’t automatically be prone to accidents. After all, a vehicle doesn’t operate on its own and make the decisions that may result in an accident. A huge factor in vehicular accidents is human error.

However, there are certain types of vehicles that seem to be involved in more accidents than others. In fact, these cars appear regularly in the statistics for vehicular accidents. These types of vehicles are therefore typically described as being more accident-prone.

Human error almost always contributes to car accidents, but so can mechanical issues. Flaws in the vehicle’s design (including safety features), the degree of visibility at the time of the accident, and even how high the center of gravity is in a vehicle can impact collision rates.

Is there a make of car that is more accident-prone than others?

According to the reports on the statistics of accident prone vehicles, at least two or three Subaru models feature regularly among those most likely to be involved in a crash. Overall, this seems to suggest that Subaru is the most accident-prone brand.

However, statistics also show that the RAM brand has a slightly higher total percentage of at-fault accidents than Subaru (only 0.05 % above, but it does put RAM on top).

How is the data measured that labels a car as accident-prone?

Part of the role of an insurance company is to build up a database of different actions and events leading to accident claims. This can include tracking the number and type of vehicular accidents in an area. Furthermore, the statistics can be interpreted in a number of ways.

One of these is a record of how many accidents a certain type of vehicle has recorded. This is typically done by analyzing reports on vehicular accidents and also insurance claims. This research reveals which types and models of vehicles may be involved in what number of accidents.

Insurers can also look at the statistics from the government road safety department for accident reports. They can also consider complaints from the public.

What are the six most accident-prone vehicles?

  • 1) Scion FR-S: The FR-S is essentially a sports car in the guise of an everyday drive. It is an attractive performance car with a powerful engine that can produce 200 hp. This car is designed to perform well and give the driver an enjoyable ride.

    The problem with this vehicle often stems from the driver feeling the challenge of seeing what the car can do. On ordinary roads, this can lead to situations where an accident may occur.

  • 2) RAM 3500: RAM is one of the contenders for the most accident prone brand of car. The model that comes out on top is the RAM 3500. It has a score demonstrating that drivers choosing this vehicle are about 17% more likely to have a high at-fault accident score than the average person.

    Drivers of the RAM 3500 seem to be high achievers in this field, being statistically 53% more likely to cause an accident than the average driver on the road.

  • 3) Infiniti Q50: The Infiniti Q50 is quite a compact car from the Nissan stable. It is also one of the cars in which the most reported accidents have taken place. The percentage that the Q50 holds for prior accidents described as at fault is 26.25%. This comes in at about 9% or higher than the average vehicle. An at-fault is ascribed to driver negligence. It’s important to remember that this puts the car in a particular bracket.

    It may be that more reported accidents in the Infiniti Q50 have been due to driver negligence, but it may also be that out of all the reported accidents, this particular car won’t score as high. The high percentage of accidents is despite the fact that the Infiniti Q50 has advanced safety features.

  • 4) Subaru WRX: When it comes to the statistics of at-fault vehicular accidents, the Subaru WRX is consistently one of those at the top. It scores around 15.4% of its drivers having had accidents previously due to their negligence. This is just about 5 % higher than the national average for vehicles.

    Taken by percentage of accidents alone, the Subaru WRX has a record of around 25% of crashes on the insurance database. This is a performance car, with a turbocharged engine that gives it immense power. You can imagine drivers wanting to push the car to see what it really can do. If a vehicle like this is treated like a race car on ordinary roads, the chances of it being in an accident increase substantially.

  • 5) Subaru Impreza: Like its cousin the WRX, the Subaru Impreza also has a rather impressive record of being one of the top accident-prone vehicles. This model’s average for drivers having had at-fault accidents is 15.1, just lower than the WRX, but also above the national average.

    The Impreza has a notable safety score and has a crash-prevention system. However, it is also consistently one of the highest accident prone cars, coming in with a score of being responsible for accidents that is about 40% above the average of all vehicles.

  • 6) Audi S4: The problem with the Audi S4 that makes it accident prone is that its drivers seem to enjoy speed and reckless driving more than others. The unfortunate effect of this is that the Audi S4 achieves a score for at-fault accidents of 11.5%, which is well above the national average.
  • This makes the Audi S4 more than 50% more likely to be involved in an accident than other cars on the road.

How to avoid being accident-prone in these vehicles

If you drive one of these most accident prone vehicles, you don’t need to be worried that you will necessarily have an accident, nor is it necessary to get rid of the vehicle. Rather, it’s a matter of applying safety measures when you drive, and you can then break the trend of your particular vehicle being accident prone.

As a driver, if you find yourself attracted to one of the cars identified in this post, or any of the cars featured on the lists of those that are accident-prone, then take care when you drive. Remember that it’s mostly not the car that causes the accident, but instead driver behavior and error which have a major impact.

How does car insurance increase with accidents?

Car insurance is based on a multiple factors which are meant to determine the likelihood of your being involved in an accident. It’s like a balancing act: the insurance company makes predictions based said factors, and this then determines the price you will pay for your policy.

The predictions will change if you’ve had an accident, especially if you’re found to be at fault. Statistically, the chances of you being involved in an at-fault accident increase after you’ve been negligent in a crash. To cover the payout costs they may need to make, this insurer has to increase your insurance premiums.

The increase in your premiums can be between 40 and 45% of your original premium. If you drive a type of car that is likely to be accident prone, the premium may also be affected.

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