Top 10 Reasons Why So Many Car Accidents Happen in Los Angeles

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Top 10 Reasons Why There are So Many Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Top 10 Reasons Why There are So Many Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Mar 3, 2023

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis. As the most densely populated county in the United States, it comprises a total area of 4,083 square miles, with more than a quarter of Californians calling it home. Accordingly, the (and nearly 10 million residents spanning throughout L.A. County) are known for relying on their cars to get from Point A to Point B.

Top 10 Reasons Why So Many Car Accidents Happen in Los Angeles

And as a place where, according to the New York Times, “Car is King,” the combination of millions of residents who rely heavily on their motor vehicles traversing a vast landscape which spans thousands of miles is a perfect recipe for a significant number of car accidents occurring every year.

In the sections below, we will look at how (and why) car accidents have increased in Los Angeles in recent years. Additionally, we will review the Top 10 Causes for so many motor vehicle collisions occurring in the City of Angeles, and provide information on how to file a civil claim for damages with Dordulian Law Group in the event of an unfortunate car crash leading to an injury.

Why Are Los Angeles Car Accidents Increasing?

Earlier this year, Dordulian Law Group (DLG) published a blog examining the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) report which confirmed that 2022 Los Angeles traffic fatalities hit all-time-highs. In recording 309 traffic fatalities in 2022, it marked the first time Los Angeles roadway deaths surpassed the 300 mark in over two decades.

2021 was actually one of the deadliest years for Los Angeles-area drivers, but 2022 proved to be even more lethal. For 2022, local traffic deaths hit unprecedented highs.

In terms of the general spike in motor vehicle deaths throughout Los Angeles, the following statistics have been confirmed via data collected by the LAPD:

  • 289 people were killed in L.A. traffic collisions from January 1 through December 25, 2021.
  • Those deaths represented a 21% increase from the same period in 2020.
  • Those 2021 deaths represented a 19% increase when compared to 2019 figures.
  • In 2021, 1,465 people were seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents on Los Angeles roadways.
  • 2022 proved to be one of the worst-ever years on record for Angelenos.
  • The 2022 spike in Los Angeles traffic fatalities – with 309 roadway deaths recorded – represents only a 5% increase from 2021.
  • But the 2022 spike actually represents a staggering 28% increase when compared to 2020 figures.

Furthermore, a Los Angeles Magazine (LAMag) report confirmed that pedestrians and cyclists saw the largest increases in traffic-related deaths.

Contributing factors for the uptick in Los Angeles traffic fatalities included speeding and distracted driving. However, as we’ll discuss below, there are a litany of factors which can contribute to L.A. car accident injuries and fatalities.

Why Do So Many Car Accidents Occur in Los Angeles?

A considerable number of car accidents occur in Los Angeles and throughout L.A. County every single year. In fact, Los Angeles consistently ranks among the Top 10 American Cities With the Highest Rates of Car Accidents. In 2022, L.A. ranked #6 on the Top 10 list, just behind Glendale, California, at #5, and above Springfield, MA, at #7 (it should be noted that Glendale is located within Los Angeles County).

LAMag further noted that the 2022 Los Angeles car accident statistics are a “horrific reminder that things have not improved in Los Angles” since then-Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the Vision Zero initiative in 2015.

Top 10 Reasons Why Los Angeles Records So Many Car Accidents Every Year

There are countless scenarios which can lead to car, truck, motorcycle, and scooter accidents along the many heavily-trafficked roadways in Los Angeles County. But let’s take a look at the Top 10 Factors for Why Los Angeles Consistently Ranks Among American Cities With the Most Car Crashes.

Top 10 Reasons Why So Many Car Accidents Occur Every Year in Los Angeles

  • #1 – Rush hour traffic congestion: Los Angeles is notorious for its heavy traffic, particularly during rush hour. Recently, four Los Angeles-area freeways were ranked as having the highest traffic congestion in the nation. L.A.’s I-5 highway came in at #1 among all U.S. roadways with the worst traffic and congestion. In fact, the I-5 South has a peak delay of 22 minutes at 4 p.m., costing local drivers an average of 89 hours annually. That’s more than a dozen additional hours lost to traffic gridlock than the second most congested roadway in the nation – New York’s I-27 West. If a driver is stuck in traffic for an extended period of time of time, the situation can become overwhelmingly frustrating. And a frustrated driver is also a distracted driver, and these attributes can substantially increasing the likelihood of accidents occurring.
  • #2 – Distracted driving: With so much traffic and long commute times, many drivers in Los Angeles engage in distracted driving behaviors behind the wheel – often simply as a means of passing the time. While driving and texting or talking on a phone without a hands-free device is illegal in California, drivers are more prone to engage in these behaviors when stuck in wall-to-wall traffic.
  • #3 – Aggressive driving: Drivers in Los Angeles are known for their aggressive driving habits. In fact, the term ‘road rage‘ was actually coined by newscasters right here in Los Angeles. After a series of freeway shootings in the late 1980s, anchors at KTLA used the phrase when reporting the incidents. But road rage didn’t make headlines and become a part of our everyday lexicon until about 1994. Tailgating, speeding, and weaving in and out of traffic are all examples of aggressive driving (and are illegal under California law because these actions can increase the potential for car accidents).
  • #4 – Poor roadway conditions: As mentioned earlier, the roads in Los Angeles are often congested. As a result, California roadways and highways require constant maintenance due the sheer volume of travel. Unfortunately, many roads right here in Los Angeles County are poorly maintained. Accordingly, any improperly maintained roadway is prone to an increased number of potholes, improper signage, and even long stretches of construction areas when the issues are eventually addressed. All of those scenarios, however, can lead to an increase in car accidents.
  • #5 – Driving while fatigued: Drowsy driving is common among even the best of us, but daydreaming behind the wheel has recently been making headlines and been found to be a major contributor to car accidents – many of which are deadly. Safe driving requires a motorist’s full and undivided attention – anything less can lead to an increase in car accidents.
  • #6 – Improper vehicle maintenance: Consciously taking steps to ensure that your vehicle receives regularly scheduled maintenance is a great way to keep it performing at optimum level, but it can also help avoid an easily preventable car accident that leads to serious or even catastrophic injuries.
  • #7 – Failure to obey marked signage: Many California drivers complain about the placement of marked signage along roads and highways. If you’re from out of town, traveling in the HOV lane (High-Occupancy Vehicle) can be disorientating enough. But merging in and out of California’s express lanes/toll roads can be even harder to navigate if you aren’t sure of your surroundings. Regardless, always driving at the recommended speed limit and adhering to posted signage is strongly encouraged.
  • #8 – Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol: Impaired driving is extremely dangerous and one of the most common factors which cause car accidents. Fortunately, society seems to have come to the consensus that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is 100% wrong (and therefore intolerable). It should go without saying, but if you’ve been consuming drugs or alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel.
  • #9 – Inclement weather conditions: California is commonly understood as a perfect weather oasis. But as we’ve seen in recent months, the Golden State can be impacted by intense rain (and subsequent flooding), wildfires, and even snow. It’s important to always drive with extra caution whenever the weather is more intense than usual. Drive slowly, cautiously, and with vigilance to prevent increased car accidents in Los Angeles County.
  • #10 – High population density: There are so many people living in Los Angeles County, simple math dictates that there will always be a significant number of car accidents. However, exercising caution and remembering that you’re sharing the roadways with others before getting behind the wheel is good advice.

When you combine all of these factors within an Angeleno’s daily commute, Los Angeles is a particularly arduous and dangerous environment for driving. It’s easy to see why, with these 10 factors in play each and every day for commuters, they can contribute to the high number of car accidents in the City of Angels.

Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics 2023

  1. In 2022, there were 56,612 reported traffic collisions in the city of Los Angeles.
  2. There were 236 fatalities and 19,210 people injured in traffic collisions in Los Angeles in 2022.
  3. Alcohol-involved collisions accounted for 4% of all collisions in Los Angeles in 2022, but 25% of all fatal collisions.
  4. Speeding was a factor in 17% of all collisions in Los Angeles in 2022.
  5. Motorcyclists and pedestrians accounted for a disproportionate number of fatalities and injuries in traffic collisions in Los Angeles.
  6. The most dangerous times to be on the road in Los Angeles were on weekend nights, with a higher number of alcohol-involved collisions occurring during these times.
  7. The top contributing factors to traffic collisions in Los Angeles in 2022 were: unsafe speed, improper turning, right of way violations, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

* Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics (Most Updated Data for 2023)

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