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Top 10 American Cities With the Worst Drivers

Top 10 American Cities With the Worst Drivers

Nov 10, 2022

Bad drivers are a constant nuisance, and there is certainly no shortage of them here in Los Angeles County. Comedian Bill Burr even developed a “Guide to Driving Etiquette” series which highlights the many errors committed by drivers each and every day here in Southern California.

Top 10 American Cities With the Worst Drivers

But does California actually have more bad drivers than other parts of the U.S.?

A recent study from online insurance marketplace company QuoteWizard.com analyzed 6 million car insurance quotes from drivers in America’s 70 largest cities. Those cities were then evaluated on four factors to determine overall driver quality, according to the company. As a result, QuoteWizard compiled a Top 10 List of America’s Cities With the Worst Drivers.

Let’s take a look at which American cities were ranked as having the worst drivers in the sections below. We’ll also provide information on how to file a car accident personal injury claim with Dordulian Law Group and review what types of damages may be included in your cash settlement.

The Top 10 American Cities With the Worst Drivers

To determine where the worst drivers in the U.S. could be found, QuoteWizard looked at four specific factors:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Traffic citations (e.g. running a red light, texting or using a cell phone while driving, etc.)
  • Accidents
  • DUIs (driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol)

“Cities with the most dangerous driving incidents are rated among the worst, while cities with the fewest dangerous driving incidents are rated as the best,” QuoteWizard confirmed.

America’s Top 10 Cities With the Worst-Ranked Drivers

America's Top 10 Cities With the Worst-Ranked Drivers

As you can see from the Top 10 list above, California has its fair share of bad drivers. In fact, eight California cities – four of which are either in or near to Los Angeles County – made the list among locations with the worst drivers in the entire nation.

Which California Cities Have the Worst Drivers?

The dubious honor of being California’s city with the worst drivers (in addition to having the worst drivers in the nation) is held by nearby Bakersfield.

According to QuoteWizard’s analysis, Bakersfield has the nation’s highest DUI rate while also managing to rank eighth in the following categories:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Traffic citations

Moreover, Bakersfield has the fourth-highest rate of speeding among cities throughout the United States.

QuoteWizard also notes that Bakersfield has “long been known for bad drivers” and was ranked third among American cities in 2021.

The other California cities to make the Top 10 List of Worst Drivers in the U.S. include:

– Sacramento: Considered the nation’s second-worst city in terms of bad drivers, Sacramento “ranked in the top 10 in accidents, DUIs and citations, and it ranked just outside the top 10 in speeding,” according to QuoteWizard’s study.

“Drivers in California’s capital city got significantly worse over the last year. The city had the seventh-worst drivers in 2021.”

– Los Angeles: Despite being ranked as one of the cities with the best drivers in 2021, L.A. is now ranked by QuoteWizard as having the fourth-worst drivers in the country.

“L.A. had the third-highest rate of accidents, second-highest rate of citations and the fourth-highest rate of DUIs. The only thing that kept Los Angeles drivers from being the very worst was speeding. The city ranked 22nd in speeding,” QuoteWizard’s study found.

– San Francisco: Coming in at number five among the nation’s cities with the worst drivers, San Francisco has reportedly “always ranked high” when it comes to speeding and traffic citations (ranking as sixth and eight, respectively, in 2021). However, as QuoteWizard’s study found, “now the city also ranks high in accidents and DUIs. San Francisco drivers ranked 62nd and 63rd in accidents and DUIs in 2021 and 12th and seventh in 2022.”

Rounding out the Top 10 Cities With the Worst Drivers, California claims the following locations:

  • San Diego (Number 6)
  • Fresno (Number 7)
  • Riverside (Number 8)
  • Richmond (Number 9)

Which American Cities Have the Best Drivers?

QuoteWizard also released its list of the Top 10 Cities in the U.S. With the Best Drivers. Let’s take a look at which cities made the cut.

America’s Top 10 Cities With the Best-Ranked Drivers

Cities with the best drivers
Among the top three cities with the best drivers, QuoteWizard’s study found the following:

– Louisville, KY: “Louisville has the best drivers in the nation, and it’s easy to see why. The Kentucky city has the lowest number of citations, and fewer citations generally means a city will do well in every category. Louisville also has a low number of accidents, DUIs and speeding tickets. Louisville drivers seem to be getting better too – the city was sixth in 2021.”

– Hartford, CT: “Hartford drivers got a lot better over the last year in every category. Drivers in this Connecticut city were middle of the pack in every category in 2021, and now they’re some of the best, especially when it comes to avoiding accidents and citations. Hartford was the 24th best driving city in 2021.”

– Little Rock, AR: “Little Rock drivers aren’t just good, they’re consistent. The city also ranked third in 2021. We think it’s their Friendly Driver Certification Program and focus on making streets safer for pedestrians. Like many cities at the top of the best drivers list, Little Rock has a low number of citations, which almost always correlates with good driving.”

To review QuoteWizard’s full list of the best and worst cities for American drivers, please click here.

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