Sexual Assault Investigation Leads Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer to Miss Rest of Season

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Sexual Assault Investigation Leads Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer to Miss Rest of Season

Sexual Assault Investigation Leads Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer to Miss Rest of Season

Sep 10, 2021

Sexual Assault Investigation Leads Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer to Miss Rest of Season

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, 30, was placed on administrative leave on July 2 after a woman made, according to a Washington Post report, “graphic allegations in court filings, supported by photos and medical records, about two separate sexual encounters with Bauer.” Said sexual encounters allegedly turned violent. The alleged survivor was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Bauer in June.

In August, the Washington Post reported that Bauer was the subject of a temporary order of protection sought by a different woman last year, according to sealed court records reviewed by the newspaper.

The Washington Post’s report indicated that an Ohio woman sought the order in June 2020 following “repeated threats from the then-Cincinnati Reds pitcher.” The Post’s investigation was based on statements from the woman’s lawyer as well as records separately obtained by the newspaper. Additionally, photographs independently obtained by the Washington Post show bruises on the woman’s face and blood in her eyes, which her attorney told the newspaper were caused by Bauer punching and choking her during sex without consent.

Both women’s accounts of violent sexual encounters with Bauer are strikingly similar, although a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge eventually denied the request from Bauer’s California accuser seeking a permanent restraining order in August.

Today it was announced that the Dodger pitcher’s leave would be extended throughout the remainder of the current major league baseball season. He will continue to be paid per his contract as the investigation unfolds.

According to a CNN report based on an anonymous source, “Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association recognized that based upon the number of games remaining on the team’s schedule and with the league’s investigation still ongoing, Bauer would not be in a position to return this season.”

Bauer has denied all of the sexual assault and domestic violence allegations against him, and his legal team has described the sexual encounters in question as consensual.

“Today Mr. Bauer agreed to extend his administrative leave through the playoffs in a measure of good faith and in an effort to minimize any distraction to the Dodgers organization and his teammates,” Bauer’s co-agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, said in a statement on Friday.

“He continues to cooperate with the MLB investigation and refute the baseless allegations against him. Again, by definition administrative leave is neither a disciplinary action nor does it in any way reflect a finding in the league’s investigation.”

On August 27, the Pasadena Police Department turned over its investigative file to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, which is now considering whether or not to pursue criminal charges against the Dodger pitcher.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Major League Baseball is conducting its own investigation into Bauer, and the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy requires Bauer to meet with league investigators. However, as the Times notes, any such interview “would be unlikely to take place as long as criminal charges remain a possibility.”

The Times’ report also confirmed that Major League Baseball is “expected to consider the allegations of the woman,” who, according to medical records she submitted to the court, was diagnosed with “assault by manual strangulation” and “acute head injury.” The alleged survivor says that said injuries resulted from a “sexual encounter with Bauer at his Pasadena home,” according to the Times’ report.

Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman lifted that restraining order against Bauer, ruling that there was “no supportable evidence” that the Dodger pitcher would likely “harm or even have contact” with the accuser. Moreover, the judge ruled that, although the woman’s injuries depicted in the verified pictures were “terrible,” they were “sustained within the limits of sexual activity set by the woman,” according to the Los Angeles Times report.

In the context of a sexual encounter, when a woman says ‘no,’ she should be believed,” Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman said in her ruling. “So what about when she says ‘yes?'”

Major League Baseball is reportedly continuing to evaluate information provided by the Ohio woman, whose temporary restraining order was also dismissed (although in her case, shortly after being obtained). Bauer’s agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, reportedly condemned the Ohio woman’s request for a restraining order as a “bogus protection petition as a ruse to demand millions of dollars,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

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