Low-Impact Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions and traditional “fender benders” are common
examples of low-impact car accident scenarios.

What Are the Most Common Low-Impact Collision Injuries?

Any type of car accident can be traumatic. Whether you’re involved in a rollover, hit-and-run, T-bone, or rear-end collision, the ensuing effects can often include physical injuries as well as psychological or emotional distress. One type of car accident that is commonly overlooked and misunderstood – low-impact collisions – may sound benign on the surface. However, low-impact motor vehicle collisions can in fact lead to serious injuries (many of which develop slowly over time).

What Are the Most Common Low-Impact Collision Injuries?

Below we will take a look at low-impact car accidents, including the most common types of injuries sustained as a result. We’ll also discuss how to file a personal injury claim to ensure you recover financial compensation for various losses suffered due to a low-impact collision, such as hospital or medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

What is Considered a Low-Impact Car Accident?

A low-impact car accident is defined as any collision where the motor vehicle was traveling less than 10 miles per hour. Rear-end collisions and traditional “fender benders” are common examples of low-impact car accident scenarios.

Although low-impact collisions occur at speeds below 10 miles per hour, that does not mean that serious injuries do not occur. Moreover, unlike traditional car accidents, low-impact collisions can actually include some significant pitfalls when attempting to secure financial compensation for an injury.

Auto insurance companies will often assume that because the accident was low-impact, the injuries cannot be serious (if at all). Accordingly, they may be more inclined to disregard legitimate claims, or even deny them outright.

If you experienced a car accident injury, don’t wait to file a claim. Contact our expert attorneys online or by phone for a free consultation today.

California Low-Impact Collision Injury Attorneys

Fortunately, Dordulian Law Group (DLG) has decades of experience fighting with insurance companies on behalf of injured car accident victims like you. In fact, within DLG’s Car Accident Division are two skilled and dedicated insurance industry insiders who previously worked as defense counsel for major auto insurers. Today, those two attorneysArpineh Yeremian and Paulina Jaafar – are on DLG’s team, fighting for clients like you to ensure your rights are protected and you’re never taken advantage of by insurance corporations or their high-powered legal teams.

What is a Low-Impact Car Accident Injury?

Any injury sustained as a result of a collision where the motor vehicle was traveling less than 10 miles per hour is considered a low-impact car accident injury. The types of injuries that can occur due to a low-impact collision may vary – both in terms of condition and severity.

What are the Most Common Low-Impact Collision Injuries?

Some of the most common types of low-impact collision injuries include:

  • Whiplash (when the victim’s head is forced quickly forward and then backward)
  • Concussion (also known as mild traumatic brain injury or MTBI)
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Lower back or sciatica injury
  • Mental trauma or anguish
  • General pain and suffering

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a low-impact car accident, contact an experienced member of DLG’s team today for a free consultation to review filing a claim to recover financial compensation.

What Types of Damages are Recoverable After a Low-Impact Collision?

At DLG, we’ll fight to recover all applicable financial damages for your low-impact collision injury. That includes working tirelessly to obtain compensation for both economic and non-economic losses you may have endured as a result of your car crash.

Some common damages recoverable after a low-impact collision injury include:

Economic Damages:

  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Non-Economic Damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Psychological distress
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Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Low-Impact Car Accident?

Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Low-Impact Car Accident?<

Contacting an attorney after any type of car accident involving an injury is always recommended. The auto insurance companies are in the business of making money, and that often means denying claims for legitimate injuries. Having a skilled, experienced, and proven attorney like Sam Dordulian on your team can help ensure you recover the financial compensation you deserve after a low-impact car accident injury.

Dordulian founded DLG after serving as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. With more than 100 jury trial victories and 25 years of legal expertise, Mr. Dordulian offers a level of experience and dedication that can’t be found at most personal injury firms. And by choosing DLG to handle your low-impact car accident injury claim, our past experience and proven results will give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your case is in the absolute best possible hands.

With DLG, you’re not just a number, and we’ll fight aggressively to recover every available type of damages for your low-impact collision claim. Unlike settlement mill firms that may be quick to accept a lowball offer from an insurance company, DLG prepares every car accident case for trial. With Sam Dordulian’s courtroom experience, that means that if an at-fault party or insurance company offers less than the maximum financial compensation you deserve, we take the case to trial and fight to prove it before a jury.

Securing the representation of a DLG car accident lawyer means added advantages and proven results:

  • More than $100,000,000 successfully recovered in settlements and verdicts
  • A 98% success record
  • Former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County
  • Over 100 jury trial victories
  • In-house Chief Investigator/retired LAPD Central Traffic detective
  • Over 25 years of personal injury experience

Schedule an appointment online for a free consultation today, or call us directly to speak to our top-rated, expert car accident attorneys.

Furthermore, studies indicate that injured car accident victims (including those involved in low-impact collisions) are statistically more likely to recover maximum financial compensation.

A report by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that settlements were 40% higher when injured victims obtained private legal representation. IRC research also indicates that the average insurance payout is 3.5 times higher for clients who have hired a private attorney than for those representing themselves. Finally, the IRC report found that 85% of all money paid by insurance companies for bodily injuries is received by clients who have secured representation from a private personal injury attorney.

Ready to secure the maximum financial compensation you deserve for your low-impact car accident injury? Contact DLG today. The statute of limitations in California for personal injury claims is typically two years from the date of the incident. However, that deadline cane be shortened (sometimes significantly) depending on whether the at-fault party is a government or public entity.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s in your best interest to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure your claim has the best chance of success.

Contact a member of DLG’s Car Accident Division team today online or by phone at 818-322-4056 for a free an no obligation consultation. Our No Win/No Fee Guarantee means that we will accept your case on a contingency basis, ensuring you never have to worry about any upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. With DLG, you never pay a penny until we recover you the maximum financial damages award you deserve for your low-impact collision injury.

When it comes to the important responsibility of handling your self-driving car accident claim, don’t settle for an inexperienced or undedicated firm that could put your case in jeopardy. Choose the DLG Advantage, and get access to the entire team of experts within our Car Accident Division – including two attorneys who previously worked as defense counsel for major auto insurance companies.

Today, those former auto insurance industry insiders fight on behalf of our clients, ensuring you’re never taken advantage of by these major corporations or their high-powered legal teams. With our attorney’s unique knowledge and industry experience, you can be confident that every underhanded tactic or dirty trick attempted by these auto insurance companies will be effectively countered, and your rights will be protected.

And with our No Win/No Fee Guarantee, you’ll never worry about upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for your self-driving car accident. At DLG, when we take on a case it’s through what’s known as a contingency fee agreement. That means that when we accept your claim, we not only believe we can and will successfully obtain justice and recover maximum financial compensation on your behalf, but we’ll also never ask for a penny until we achieve that goal. With DLG’s experienced Car Accident Division Team, you pay nothing until we successfully recover the maximum financial compensation you deserve for your self-driving car accident injury.

Contact us today online or by phone at 818-322-4056 to arrange a free and no obligation consultation. We’ll listen to the facts of your case, launch a thorough investigation led by our in-house Chief Investigator and retired LAPD detective, Moses Castillo, and develop a precise legal strategy based on our years of experience and proven success.

For your self-driving car accident injury, the best call you can make is to California’s leading team of experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys at DLG. We’ll fight aggressively as your dedicated legal advocates to ensure you obtain the justice you deserve.

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