Mercedes Driver Charged in Deadly Windsor Hills Crash Involved in 13 Previous Accidents

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Woman Charged in Deadly Windsor Hills Crash Reportedly Has History of Reckless Driving

Woman Charged in Deadly Windsor Hills Crash Reportedly Has History of Reckless Driving

Aug 9, 2022

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have identified 13 prior crashes involving Nicole Linton, the traveling nurse who was charged Monday with six counts of murder and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter in connection with the deadly Windsor Hills collision which occurred last week, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Those 13 previous incidents will be a foundation for the District Attorney’s case against Linton, with prosecutors expected to argue that she “knew the dangers of reckless driving,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

Woman Charged in Deadly Windsor Hills Crash Reportedly Has History of Reckless Driving

    Linton, 37, is accused of reckless disregard for human life following the fatal multi-car accident that killed a pregnant woman, a baby, and three other adults, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors allege that Linton was traveling in her Mercedes-Benz at over 90 miles per hour when she ran a red light at approximately 1:30 p.m. on August 4 at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson avenues.

    At a press conference yesterday, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón indicated that Linton could face up to life in prison if convicted on all charges.

    “In an instant, Ms. Linton’s conduct took the lives of six people and injured many others,” Gascón said.

    Despite the 13 prior crashes reportedly linked to Linton, Gascón stated there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol contributed to last week’s deadly collision, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    “I know that some of you spoke to a woman that alleged they have been drinking together. The CHP is working to identify this person, but we don’t have any further information,” he said.

    Murder charges have been filed against Linton in connection with the following deaths:

    • 23-year-old Asherey Ryan
    • Ryan’s almost 1-year-old child, Alonzo Quintero
    • Ryan’s boyfriend, Reynold Lester
    • The couple’s unborn child (Ryan was 8½ months pregnant when she was killed)

    A young family was destroyed in the blink of an eye,” Gascón said while announcing charges against Linton at the press conference.

    Additionally, Linton was charged with murder for the deaths of two women killed in the crash who have yet to be identified, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The Times also reported that the investigation into the Windsor Hills crash is ongoing:

    “A specialized CHP accident investigation team is extracting data from the Mercedes’ computers that capture speed, braking and acceleration. That team worked through the weekend preparing an investigation for prosecutors who specialize in handling deadly vehicular incidents.”

    Bail for Linton, which had previously been set at $9 million, was denied at the request of the District Attorney’s Office, according to the Times. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Natalie Stone indicated that Linton is a potential flight risk as a traveling nurse. Her permanent address is in Texas, and she was set to travel to Hawaii for work, prosecutors argued Monday.

    Halim Dhanidina, the attorney representing Linton, reportedly asked the court to continue her arraignment to October, citing a need to review her out-of-state history of “documented profound mental health issues,” according to the Times.

    “She should have been aware of her limitations” before getting behind the wheel, Judge Stone said upon denying Linton’s bail.

    A hearing on the matter was set for August 15, the Los Angeles Times confirmed.

    Feds Blame Reckless Driving for U.S. Traffic Fatalities Hitting 15-Year High

    A recent USA TODAY report indicated that the number of U.S, traffic-related fatalities in the first six months of 2021 hit 20,160, the highest first-half total since 2006. According to government officials, the spike in traffic fatalities is “a sign of growing reckless driving during the coronavirus pandemic.”

    The following reckless driving statistics were confirmed through the USA TODAY report:

    • The estimated number of fatal 2021 car accidents (20,160) was 18.4% higher than the first half of last 2020.
    • That percentage increase was the biggest six-month jump since the department began recording fatal crash data in1975.
    • The increase prompted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to call the situation an “unacceptable crisis.”
    • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that behavioral research from March through June of 2021 showed that dangerous behavior such as speeding and traveling without a seat belt remain higher among drivers than before the coronavirus pandemic.
    • The agency has pointed to increasing road deaths (a trend over the last two years) as related to more reckless behavior on the roads.

    As a result of the increase in traffic-related deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced plans last year to develop a national strategy for steps to save lives on the roads, according to USA TODAY.

    We cannot and should not accept these fatalities as simply a part of everyday life in America,” Buttigieg said in a statement in October 2021.

    No one will accomplish this alone. It will take all levels of government, industries, advocates, engineers and communities across the country working together toward the day when family members no longer have to say good-bye to loved ones because of a traffic crash.”

    NHTSA Deputy Administrator Steven Cliff urged American drivers to take the following precautions to avoid reckless driving-related deaths:

    • Slow down
    • Wear seat belts
    • Drive sober
    • Avoid distractions

    “All of us must work together to stop aggressive, dangerous driving,” Cliff said last year.

    Data for 2022 traffic-related crashes and fatalities recorded in the first six months of the year has yet to be released by the NHTSA.

    What is Reckless Driving?

    In personal injury law, car accident claims are typically based on a driver’s negligent actions. By contrast, reckless driving constitutes a heightened version of negligence under the law, and therefore is a more severe allegation.

    Let’s look at the difference between negligent driving and reckless driving:

    – Negligent Driving:

    For a driver to be negligent under the law, he or she does not have to be aware that specific actions taken when behind the wheel are risky or likely to cause harm to someone. To recover financial compensation in a personal injury civil lawsuit, a plaintiff filing a negligent driving claim must simply demonstrate that the defendant driver acted in a manner that was inconsistent with how a typical individual would when exercising reasonable care under the same circumstances.

    – Reckless Driving:

    With reckless driving, the defendant must have demonstrated willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others (usually without what’s referred to as “ordinary care”). The main difference between negligence and recklessness is that a driver who is acting recklessly does so with knowledge of the risk of his or her actions. In other words, the driver is aware of what he or she is doing and knows that the action is highly likely to cause harm to others, but chooses to engage in the action anyway.

    In most reckless driving cases, a plaintiff victim will bring a negligence cause action and allege recklessness as a clear demonstration of severe negligence.

    What are Some Examples of Reckless Driving?

    Some common examples of reckless driving include:

    • Driving at excessive speed – well beyond the posted speed limit (or driving faster than is safe for particular road conditions)
    • Evading a police officer
    • Passing other vehicles in unsafe or prohibited conditions
    • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Changing lanes improperly or erratically
    • Following another vehicle too closely
    • Driving on the shoulder of the road
    • Crossing the median
    • Driving on the sidewalk
    • Changing speeds suddenly
    • Failing to yield to another vehicle that has the right of way
    • Failing to yield to traffic signals (stop lights, stop signs, etc.)
    • Making an improper turn and/or failing to signal that you are turning

    How Long Do I Have to File a California Reckless Driving Claim?

    The statute of limitations for California personal injury car accident lawsuits is typically two years from the date of the incident. In other words, you usually have two years from the date that your accident occurred to file a claim to recover financial compensation. Some of the damages that may be recovered in a reckless driving claim include:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Hospital or medical expenses
    • Physical therapy costs
    • Loss of consortium
    • Lost wages
    • Reduced earning capacity
    • Emotional trauma
    • Loss of limb
    • Scarring or disfigurement

    While most personal injury lawsuits – including reckless driving claims – are bound to a two-year statute of limitations, it should be noted that exceptions exist. Specifically, for civil lawsuits involving government entities, your claim usually must be filed within six months (180 days) of the accident.

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