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A traumatic workplace environment can lead to severe mental and physical stress injuries.
Our worker's compensation attorneys can help you find justice and peace.

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Mental stress injuries commonly take place when someone is the victim of a workplace in which bullying, harassment, or a toxic environment has been allowed to run rampant. And while making a claim for a work related injury is pretty straightforward, many people might be hesitant to do so when the injury is mental. Yet, just because a traumatic psychological experience may not necessarily be visible, it can be equally damaging and lead to profound consequences for the victim. This is why personal injury claims for work related stress are a rising legal option that more people are becoming aware of.

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Suffering Stress Related Injuries At Work

Recently, the whistle has been blown on many employers who are making their workers face unsafe conditions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But that’s just the latest excuse used by abusive business owners and managers who subject their employees to dangerous or traumatic workplace conditions that, over time, cause severe psychological issues that can lead to profound physical and emotional symptoms. Whether you want to seek justice for a workplace-related injury or another type of catastrophic or severe accident, Dordulian Law Group can help you achieve financial restitution that helps put your life back on track.

A workers comp stress related injury is unique in that you may feel guilty about stepping forward to take action in response to your victimization. But the reality is that the law, and society at large, understand that some injuries are mental — which can lead to devastating consequences in a person’s life that can even manifest in physical symptoms. If your workplace has caused you undue mental and psychological trauma, you have the right to seek an attorney’s counsel to determine whether you are owed restitution. Dordulian Law Group is that firm, and we have represented clients successfully in all manner of mental stress injury cases.

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“I wanted to give a review to the law firm, they work very different from other offices, they tell you everything as they know about your case not giving you false hope! They also keep you updated throughout the process from the beginning and the end. Rafi was very professional and on point, he always handled everything excellent and went above and beyond!”
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Compassionate Mental Stress Lawyers

We understand that you’ve been through an incredibly difficult experience. Our attorneys are discreet, empathetic, and ready to help you move forward into the next chapter. We’ve achieved major settlements for victims of mental stress injuries in the workplace — and while that doesn’t undo the damage caused by an unsafe or oppressive work environment, it can help you turn the page and find a measure of peace after what you’ve been through.

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