Marcello Tagliente of Glendale Arrested for Sexual Battery of Students

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MGT Insurance School Owner Marcello Tagliente Accused of Sexually Battering Students

MGT Insurance School Owner Marcello Tagliente Accused of Sexually Battering Students

Sep 30, 2023

The owner and operator of a local Glendale insurance training school has been arrested for alleged sexual battery of his students, according to a CBS News report.

Marcello Tagliente has been identified as the sexual battery suspect by the Glendale Police Department. Tagliente owns MGT Insurance, located along the 600 block of W. Broadway in Glendale, California.

“The company provides training to prepare students for insurance licensing and related certifications,” KTLA reported.

Police allege Tagliente lured insurance students into his office under the guise of assisting them with exam preparations.

Once alone, he is reported to have sexually battered these students, including several young women in their twenties,” the Glendale Police Department said in a statement.

Glendale P.D. also indicated that Tagliente has been under investigation since 2020 following “multiple reports of sexual battery occurring at his business.” The MGT Insurance owner was arrested in 2020 for the initial sexual assault complaints and then re-arrested earlier this week.

“Since his initial arrest, G.P.D. has received three additional reports, all alleging incidents of sexual battery involving Tagliente,” police said.

Marcello Tagliente was formally charged with sexual battery but released from custody on bond, CBS News confirmed.

Glendale Police Department officials have indicated that their investigation is ongoing and they are continuing to search for victims. Police are seeking additional survivors of Tagliente and are urging anyone with information about a sexual assault committed at MGT Insurance to contact them immediately at 818-548-4840.

Your information is crucial,” the Glendale Police Assaults Bureau said.

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