Lyft Releases Data Confirming 4,158 Sexual Assault Incidents, 360 Rape Reports

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Lyft Releases Data Confirming 4,158 Sexual Assault Incidents, 360 Rape Reports

Lyft Releases Data Confirming 4,158 Sexual Assault Incidents, 360 Rape Reports

Oct 22, 2021

Rideshare company Lyft released a first-ever safety report on Thursday, confirming 4,158 reports of sexual assault on its platform in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The safety report comes over three years after both Lyft and rideshare competitor Uber had initially pledged to release data detailing incidents of sexual assault and abuse on their platforms.

Following the disclosure, Lyft was quick to note that more than 99% of its rides had been completed without incident.

While safety incidents on our platform are incredibly rare, we realize that even one is too many. Behind every report is a real person and real experience, and our goal is to make each Lyft ride as safe as we possibly can,” Jennifer Brandenburger, head of policy development and research, said in a company blog post.

Through its report, Lyft confirmed that sexual assault complaints on its platform had increased from around 1,100 in 2017 to some 1,800 in 2019. However, the company also noted that rideshare bookings increased at a higher rate during that time, resulting in a 19% decrease in the overall incident rate.

Additionally, Lyft’s report confirmed 360 incidents of rape and 10 deaths related to physical assaults over the three-year period.

Lyft’s report also noted that the company had taken steps to address the number of sexual assault incidents recorded. Such steps reportedly included:

  • Investing in “safety features”
  • Employing rigorous driver background checks
  • Consulting sexual assault experts

Lyft’s new report arrives approximately two years after rideshare competitor company Uber released its first detailed safety report at the end of 2019. In that report, Uber disclosed it had received approximately 6,000 claims of sexual assault following 2.3 billion rideshare trips in the United States throughout 2017 and 2018.

Lyft has not recorded nearly as many trips as Uber, but the company’s new report did not disclose the total number of rides it completed. At 0.0002%, however, Lyft’s sexual assault incident rate was approximately the same as Uber’s.

Via an 18-page index, Lyft confirmed that riders reported 52% of the sexual assault incidents, while reports initiated by drivers accounted for 38%. 10% of reports were confirmed to be initiated by third parties, classified within the appendix as “law enforcement officials, regulators, family, friends, or media reports.”

2023 Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault Statistics

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