How Much Does a Glendale Personal Injury or Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

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How Much Does it Cost for a California Car Accident Attorney?

How Much Does it Cost for a California Car Accident Attorney?

Oct 26, 2023

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident as result of someone else’s negligence, you may be owed financial compensation via damages that can be obtained through a civil claim. But while you may be wondering if you even need to hire a personal injury lawyer (or if hiring a car accident lawyer is the right decision), upfront fees shouldn’t deter you from securing top-rated legal representation.

How Much Does a Glendale Personal Injury or Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

In the sections below, we will review everything you need to know regarding how much a Glendale, California, car accident lawyer charges, how much your case may be worth, and how to secure a maximized cash settlement quickly.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a California Car Accident Lawyer?

The good news is that most personal injury attorneys – including the proven team at Dordulian Law Group – work on what’s known as a contingency fee basis (as opposed to an hourly fee).

When you bring your Los Angeles car or motorcycle crash case to Dordulian Law Group (DLG), we’ll fight for the justice you deserve without charging any upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses. This means that we believe in the merits of your car accident claim and are willing to accept the risk to pursue recovery of financial damages without charging anything in advance.

Rather than charging an hourly fee or upfront retainer, DLG’s contingency car accident attorneys will only accept payment after we’ve secured you a cash settlement or verdict. Once your settlement or verdict is reached, the contingency fee typically equals one-third (or 33.3%) of the maximized damages award.

What are Attorney Contingency Fees?

A contingency fee can be defined as a lump sum that an attorney receives if your personal injury case is won. Personal injury cases such as car accidents, dog bites, and slip and falls are the most common types which include a legal contingency fee rather than an upfront hourly rate. Contrary to hourly fees and upfront retainers, contingency fees are only paid if your case is successful. A contingency fee for an attorney is usually one-third of the final verdict or award (but it can vary from case-to-case and may increase to 40% if your claim requires a lengthy and expensive trial or expert witnesses).

You should always discuss your contingency agreement in detail with your car accident lawyer before signing any official documents.

In a contingency fee agreement, a client seeking legal representation can hire a lawyer regardless of their financial ability to pay at the beginning of the case. A contingency fee agreement is a payment arrangement where your lawyer accepts a percentage of the total damages awarded which is ultimately paid to you. A contingency agreement allows you to avoid paying a large upfront fee, (as well as having to pay additional fees at certain times during the legal process). Instead, the fees are only paid when the case is successfully resolved and the financial compensation is received. Moreover, you will not be liable for any out-of-pocket costs via a contingency agreement.

How Soon Do I Need to File My Personal Injury or Car Accident Claim?

In short – the answer to the above is “immediately.” You do not want to wait to file your claim after suffering in injury in a car accident or other type of case. While most claims against private entities are bound to a two-year statute of limitations, it’s in your best interest to contact DLG’s team of personal injury attorneys immediately after your accident. This will ensure that your case has the best chance of success and that you are able to recover the maximum cash settlement you deserve (which takes into account your injuries as well as any losses due to medical expenses, lost wages, etc.).

What’s Included in My Car Accident Lawyer’s Contingency Agreement?

Most personal injury lawyers cover case costs and expenses as they arise. When your case reaches a successful conclusion, a total amount of costs and expenses is then deducted from your share of the settlement or verdict. In rare cases, some personal injury lawyers charge a client for costs and expenses once they are due.

But not DLG – we do not charge clients for costs or expenses before a case is settled. Instead, only after a case has reached its final conclusion (and only if we prevail in securing money for the client) do we ever charge a fee. At no time will one of our clients ever owe DLG money merely for pursuing a case.

Examples of costs and expenses that may accumulate throughout a personal injury case include:

  • medical records
  • expert witness fees
  • police reports
  • filing fees
  • postage
  • investigators
  • depositions
  • transcripts
  • trial exhibits

All of these details, including the approximate value of your car accident cash settlement and the amount of time it will take to litigate your claim, will be discussed during your free consultation with a member of the DLG team.

What Should I Do After Being Injured in a Glendale Car Accident?

The first and most important step to take after any type of motor vehicle or personal injury accident is seeking medical attention from a licensed California physician. Once you have been examined and your injuries have been addressed, contacting Dordulian Law Group (DLG) for a free consultation is imperative.

In your personal injury lawsuit, you as the client are known as the “plaintiff” (the party who makes a claim against the negligent person or company). Even if you are unable to identify the at-fault party, it can be helpful to consult an attorney from DLG.

Our team of dedicated car accident lawyers offers free legal consultation to new clients like you. You can ask questions during this meeting and describe your case in detail.

Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in California

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