Woman Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Ex-Nurse, Providence Mission Hospital

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Ex-Nurse Paul Alden Miller, Providence Mission Hospital Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Ex-Nurse Paul Alden Miller, Providence Mission Hospital Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Jul 9, 2021

Earlier this month, a former Mission Viejo emergency room nurse, Paul Alden Miller, was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting three patients. Yesterday, a lawsuit was filed in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of one of those survivors.

Zoe Leigh Cooksey, 22, of Costa Mesa was joined by her mother and grandmother on a sidewalk near Providence Mission Hospital for a press conference.

This has been one of the worst experiences of my life,” Cooksey said. “On March 31, I was sexually assaulted by nurse Paul Miller at Mission Hospital.”

Cooksey was reportedly at the hospital that day as a result of a car accident. In a vulnerable state, Miller allegedly took advantage of Cooksey through his position of power as a nurse, insisting that she needed a catheter which never appeared in medical or billing records.

“Under the control of registered nurse Paul Miller, she was taken to a small dark room with a door, was given morphine and a catheter,” Cooksey’s attorney said. “She was immobilized before she was sexually assaulted.

Cooksey’s attorney stated that hospital records indicate she was given three shots of morphine, leaving her in the semi-conscious state. Following the alleged assault, Cooksey was reportedly able to text her mother about the incident. She reportedly arrived at the hospital within 10 minutes.

Woman Files Suit Against Nurse Paul Miller, Providence Mission Hospital For Alleged Sexual Assault

Cooksey’s family notified the Orange County Sheriff’s Department of the incident within 24 hours. Mission Viejo Hospital was reportedly alerted the following day.

Cooksey’s attorney said that although a hospital spokesperson confirmed Paul Alden Miller was immediately terminated from his nurse’s position, he was later charged with assaulting two additional women at the hospital.

“We suspect that personnel like nurses and doctors may have known about his propensity to cause bodily damage against female patients,” Cooksey’s attorney said.

The hospital issued a public statement following Cooksey’s press conference. A portion of the statement read:

As soon as hospital leadership received the first patient complaint, the hospital took prompt action and immediately placed the caregiver on administrative leave pending a full investigation.

Since authorities were alerted by Cooksey in March, two additional women have come forward alleging Paul Alden Miller sexually assaulted them. In April, a 68-year-old woman reported an incident. Last month, a 56-year-old woman reported a similar sex crime committed by Miller.

On June 30, Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials arrested 56-year-old Paul Alden Miller, a resident of San Clemente, for sexual elder abuse and sexual battery.

Police believe there may be additional survivors who were sexually assaulted by the ex-nurse. Miller worked at multiple hospitals throughout the region, and his tenure timeline was as follows:

  • Employed at Mission Viejo Hospital since January 2017
  • Worked at the El Centro Regional Medical Center from January 2016 to January 2017
  • Worked at Sharp Hospital in Chula Vista from December 2014 to May 2015

Police are urging anyone with information on Paul Alden Miller to submit a tip online or call 714-647-7419. Anonymous tips may be left at 855-847-6227.

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The Trauma of Sexual Assault

I was completely betrayed by Mission Hospital,” Zoe Leigh Cooksey said during an emotional statement to reporters. “… I’m not sure that I will ever be the same again.

Sexual Assault can be a devastating ordeal for survivors, particularly when experienced in supposed safe spaces, such as hospitals, schools, etc. Unfortunately, as confirmed by our partner organization, RAINN (Rape, Incest & Abuse), the majority of sexual assaults are never reported.

Only 310 out of ever 1,000 sexual assaults are ever brought to the attention of police (meaning more than two out of three go unreported). Reporting is especially low in the college-age demographic, which includes survivors like Zoe Leigh Cooksey (only 20% of female students and 32% of non-students ever report sexual assaults). It’s also especially low among elderly survivors, with just 28% ever reporting.

Zoe Leigh Cooksey’s courage to come forward is remarkable. Furthermore, it may have come as a complete surprise to the alleged sexual predator, Paul Alden Miller. According to the charges filed against him, Miller targeted Cooksey – a woman in her 20s – and two older women in their 50s and 60s, respectively. Perhaps Miller identified potential victims by age, knowing that the possibility of being reported was much lower in certain demographics.

Regardless, although it can be incredibly difficult, it is important for survivors of sexual assault to come forward as soon as possible. Doing so helps to ensure that the sexual predator is no longer able to harm victims. Had Cooksey not come forward, Miller would likely still be working as a nurse.

Cooksey publicly encouraged other survivors to come forward.

“If Paul Miller assaulted you, I invite you to be brave and stand with me and together we will hold him accountable for what he did and what this hospital allowed him to do to each of us,” she said during Thursday’s press conference.

I'm Not Sure if I Want to Pursue a Sexual Assault Claim. What Can I Do?

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DLG is proud to partner with RAINN in the mission to end sexual violence and help increase reporting on the part of survivors. While the #Metoo movement represents significant progress for sexual assault survivors, recent legal decisions, such as the Bill Cosby case, shouldn’t hinder victims from coming forward.

Although the criminal charges were dropped against Cosby, many survivors have successfully brought civil claims against him (and continue to do so). Accordingly, it’s important to remember that the criminal court is only part of the overall justice system. The civil court is another avenue by which survivors of sexual assault may obtain justice and recover financial compensation.

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