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Florida Sheriff: Elementary Teacher Traveled to Solicit Sex With 2-Year-Old

Florida Sheriff: Elementary Teacher Traveled to Solicit Sex With 2-Year-Old

Apr 5, 2021

A Florida elementary school teacher is facing loathsome charges following an investigation by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Officials allege Xavier Donte Alexander, a fourth grade teacher at Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens, solicited sex with a 2-year-old online and then traveled to meet with the child. Alexander, 27, was arrested Thursday on felony charges of soliciting sex with a minor and traveling to meet a minor for sex.

The elementary teacher appeared in court Friday to face accusations of violating the Florida “Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act” statute. Authorities have not released additional details related to the allegations, but indicated they believe Alexander was seeking to engage in sexual acts with the 2-year-old and in fact traveled to meet with the toddler. The Associated Press, along with various other media outlets, reported that Alexander is also a part-time babysitter, and has advertised his services on various websites, including Care.com.

Care.com called the allegations “frightening and truly disturbing.”

“Upon learning of this arrest, we promptly removed this person’s profile and notified families with whom he had been in contact with that he is no longer on our platform,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to the New York Daily News. “We have proactively reached out to local law enforcement and stand ready to assist in their investigation,” the Care.com official added.

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The Palm Beach County school district confirmed Alexander has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. District officials were quick to note that the crimes Alexander is accused of committing did not take place on school property (nor did they involve any of their students).

The District is shocked and appalled by the nature of the crimes for which Alexander was arrested,” officials said in a public statement.
Alexander was ordered held on $1 million bond at Friday’s court hearing. He is represented by the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office. If convicted of all charges, Alexander could reportedly receive a sentence of 20 years in prison.

Sexual predators in Southern California

We’ve covered the topic of child sexual abuse extensively, including the alarming trend of increased cases in schools. In February alone, multiple stories of educators allegedly abusing underage students came to light. Some of the most troubling school sex abuse stories have impacted our local community here in Southern California:

  • February 2021: Glendale Adventist Academy teacher, Brett Mohr, was arrested and charged with multiple felony accounts related to inappropriate conduct with students.
  • February 2021: Oak Hills High School (San Bernardino County) assistant principal, Matthew Lin Johnson, was arrested and charged with continuous sexual abuse of a minor, including lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14.
  • February 2021: A former student of The Bishop School in La Jolla came forward to file a civil lawsuit alleging repeated sexual abuse at the hands of a former teacher.
  • July 2020: Ventura music teacher, John Edward Zeretzke, agreed to plead guilty to one federal charge of production of child pornography and six state counts of lewd or lascivious acts with minors under 14 years of age.
  • March 2020: Three elementary school dgirls filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) alleging a former Oxnard Street Elementary School teacher’s aide, Lino Cabrera, sexually abused them repeatedly. The civil suit alleges sexual harassment, sexual battery, false imprisonment, and negligence.

The above examples represent a small fraction of the school sexual abuse stories that have surfaced in recent months. Given the headlines, many families want to know:

How prevalent is sexual abuse in our nation’s schools?

Sadly, statistics confirm the worst possible scenario – school sexual abuse is not only prevalent but also increasing from year-to-year.

In 2015, over 3.5 million 8th grade to 11th grade students reported sexual contact with an adult. The Education Department recently published a study confirming that reports of sexual violence in schools rose more than 50% between the 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 school years.

What’s equally troubling about school sex abuse cases is the fact that sexual predators are almost always found to be repeat offenders. Since 2017, 14 alumni of The Bishop School in La Jolla have reported past incidents of sexual misconduct on the part of teachers or support staff. A month before the LAUSD civil suit was filed naming Lino Cabrera (the Oxnard Street Elementary School teacher’s aide mentioned above), the then 27-year-old was sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually abusing six students.

With sexual abuse in schools so widespread, many parents are demanding answers and seeking solutions to help keep their children safe.

Protecting children from sexual predators

As two members of our SAJE Team (Sexual Assault Justice Experts) have mentioned previously, pedophiles often intentionally seek out jobs that will provide access to children. DLG’s Founder and President, Sam Dordulian, began his career as a sex crimes prosecutor, serving as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. DLG’s Chief Investigator, Moses Castillo, served for nearly three decades as a LAPD detective, with much of that time spent in the department’s elite Sexually Exploited Child Unit. Both SAJE Team members have seen countless cases of unspeakable tragedy involving child sexual abuse. They are constantly working to educate parents and children on the importance of remaining vigilant at all times, even when the potential predator is in a position of authority, or someone you would “least suspect.”

Xavier Donte Alexander, the alleged predator mentioned above, worked actively as a part-time babysitter in addition to being a full-time fourth grade teacher. This is a common trend among pedophiles, and both Dordulian and Castillo emphasize how – despite the majority of teachers, coaches, and clergy being upstanding citizens – it’s critical that parents never let their guard down.

A sexual predator doesn’t look a certain way. It can be anyone, of any age, gender, position, or socioeconomic status,” says attorney Sam Dordulian. “Sexual predators groom parents, slowly establishing trust so they will eventually let down their guards. It’s textbook pedophile procedure.”

To access detailed information and tips for parents and children, view our recent blog featuring an extensive interview with Dordulian and Castillo. In another blog, we outline steps to protect your family from sexual predators, including:

  1. Warning signs to monitor
  2. Long-term and short-term consequences of sexual abuse
  3. Preventative tips
  4. Resources for families
  5. Legal options for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

What are the effects of childhood sexual abuse?

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse can experience lifelong trauma. Child sex abuse can come in many forms, and is typically committed by perpetrators known to the family. The American Counseling Association notes that some of the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can include:

  • Depression
  • Shame, guilt, and self-blame
  • Body issues and eating disorders
  • Prolonged stress and anxiety
  • Disassociation from friends and family
  • Difficulty establishing interpersonal relationships
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Suicide attempts

Additionally, the National Institute of Health has studied the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACE), such as sexual abuse. Their findings indicate an increased risk of both unemployment and substance abuse issues for those impacted by ACE.

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Can I file a lawsuit if my child was sexually molested by a teacher?

For a limited time, all California survivors of childhood sexual abuse are eligible to file a civil lawsuit, regardless of how long ago the crime occurred. AB 218 is a new law that includes a temporary “lookback window” for childhood sexual abuse survivors. Under the lookback window, the statute of limitations is tolled (removed) until December 31, 2022. Survivors have an unprecedented opportunity to seek justice through a civil lawsuit in pursuit of a financial damages award until AB 218’s lookback window expires.

After the window closes, survivors may no longer have legal recourse against sexual predators (depending on when the crime occurred and the present age of the victim). Due to this limited window of opportunity, Dordulian Law Group strongly recommends that survivors of childhood sexual abuse file a claim immediately. To contact a member of our team to file a claim or arrange a free consultation to discuss your legal options, contact us today at 818-322-4056.

For more information on AB 218 and how the various statutes of limitations may impact your case, visit our blog.

Cover-ups in child sex abuse cases

Whether child sexual abuse occurs in school or a place of worship, cover-ups are not uncommon. Accordingly, AB 218 includes a treble damages clause, allowing courts to grant survivors triple damages awards (three times the amount of a final settlement or verdict) in cases where a cover-up can be proven.

In other words, if you are awarded a $5 million settlement and a cover-up is proved in your case, you would actually receive $15 million under AB 218’s treble damages clause. This is yet another reason why survivors are encouraged to file a claim as soon as possible in order to meet the three-year deadline and take advantage of all options under AB 218. Dordulian Law Group pursues treble damages for all applicable childhood sexual abuse cases.

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California’s premier sexual abuse firm

Dordulian Law Group is California’s top-rated sexual abuse firm offering unique, four-tiered representation and support designed to meet the needs of survivors. In addition to expert legal representation and a former LAPD detective investigating every childhood sexual abuse claim, we provide survivor clients with 24/7 access to an in-house licensed clinical therapist and two accredited victim advocates. At DLG, we believe every sexual abuse survivor – particularly those impacted by childhood crimes – deserves all-encompassing support that goes beyond the best legal representation available.

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