Dr. Fernando Gomez, Ventura Chiropractor, Accused of Sexual Battery

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Dr. Fernando Gomez Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Battery Against 2 Ventura Clients

Dr. Fernando Gomez Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Battery Against 2 Ventura Clients

Mar 25, 2024

A police investigation into a Ventura chiropractor has resulted in three felony charges pertaining to sexual battery of patients.

Ventura Police Department officials confirmed that an arrest warrant was served last week against Dr. Fernando Gomez, 43, at Limitless Functional Therapy, located at 4562 Westinghouse Street. Dr. Gomez, a resident of Oxnard, California, was taken into custody Thursday, March 21, according to authorities.

The arrest of Dr. Fernando Gomez by the Ventura Police Department stemmed from allegations of sexual battery made by two separate patients. While receiving chiropractic services from Dr. Gomez, the two patients assert that they were subjected to sex crimes.

The District Attorney’s office filed a complaint Thursday listing three felony counts of sexual battery, according to Ventura County Superior Court records. The suspect’s name listed in the sexual battery complaint was Fernando Juarez Gomez, Jr.

Under the California State Penal Code, the charges against Dr. Gomez involving sexual battery fall under acts related to fraudulently representing oneself through touching intended to serve a professional purpose.

Additionally, prosecutors with Ventura County filed special allegations against Gomez, claiming that he took advantage of his position of trust as a chiropractor. Accordingly, if convicted in criminal court, Gomez could receive a longer prison sentence.

Dr. Fernando Gomez was booked into county jail and released Thursday afternoon after he posted a $40,000 bail bond. Court records indicate that the Ventura chiropractor accused of sexual battery is scheduled to appear for arraignment on April 4.

The investigation into two separate claims of sexual battery and potential additional sex crimes committed by Dr. Fernando Gomez is ongoing. The Ventura Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit is continuing to investigate the case.

Officials are urging anyone with information related to a possible sex crime committed by Dr. Gomez to contact Detective Ash’lee Gray immediately at 805-339-4472.

Finding Justice After a Ventura Doctor Sexual Assault Incident

Survivors of doctor sexual abuse may wish to pursue civil justice in addition to any criminal charges that are filed against a perpetrator. Civil Lawsuits are a means of helping survivors of doctor/patient sexual assault get justice through financial compensation – what’s known as damages in legalese.

Dordulian Law Group is a nationally-recognized doctor sexual assault and abuse firm dedicated to ensuring that victims secure all applicable damages for their cases:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost wages
  • Medical care expenses
  • Counseling and therapy costs
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Punitive damages
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Psychological harm

Having the most experienced and proven team of Ventura doctor sexual abuse attorneys can mean that you recover the maximum financial compensation you deserve to help you take the first step towards healing.

California Doctors Convicted of Sexual Abuse Will No Longer Get Their Licenses Reinstated Under New Law

California’s State Medical Board is now prohibited from granting a license to a physician whose credentials were previously surrendered or revoked on grounds of sexual misconduct with patients.

In 2022, California Assembly Bill 1636 (AB 1636) took effect, ensuring that doctors who previously sexually abused patients will no longer be able to get their licenses back through an appeals process.

AB 1636 states that the California Medical Board shall:

…deny a license based on formal discipline that occurred earlier than seven years preceding the date of application if the formal discipline was based on conduct that, if committed in this state by a licensed physician and surgeon, would have constituted an act of sexual abuse, misconduct, or relations with a patient or sexual exploitation, as specified.

In December 2021, the Los Angeles Times published an investigative report identifying numerous local doctors whose licenses had been reinstated despite sexual misconduct allegations.

Some of those physicians named in the report included:

  • Dr. Esmail Nadjmabadi of Bakersfield
  • Dr. Zachary Cosgrove of Bakersfield
  • Dr. Hari M. Reddy of Victorville
  • Dr. Shahab “Sean” Ataee of Fountain Valley
  • Dr. Anshul Gandhi of Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles

From a total of 17 physicians who had previously lost their licenses due to sexual misconduct, 10 were reinstated, according to the Times’ investigation (a troubling reinstatement rate of nearly 60%).

Under the new California AB 1636 law, doctors are no longer able to continue practicing medicine after a sex crimes conviction involving a patient.

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