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After a car accident that leaves you or a loved one injured, you only have one shot to hire the right firm that will fight for you — and win. Dordulian Law Group is that firm. Our team has years of proven experience delivering huge settlements and even courtroom victories to our clients, who then refer us to friends and family for life. When it comes to your health, your livelihood, your pursuit of justice… you can’t afford to trust just any car accident law firm. You’re in good hands with Dordulian Law Group.

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    Particularly in California, using a car to get around is a way of life. But every day, negligent drivers cause property damage, injury, and death.

    If your life has been turned upside down by a car accident, you have the power to seek financial compensation for what you’ve suffered. Dordulian Law Group can help.

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    Recent Automobile Cases

    Type of Case: Truck / Big Rig Accident

    Settlement Amount: $315,000 (over 6 times the initial settlement offered)

    Lead Attorney: Sam Dordulian

    A local truck driver stopped to rest at a truck station in Calexico when a fellow trucker approached him for some help regarding a mechanical issue with his rig. As the two men were examining the truck, a local city bus turned the corner at a nearby intersection, traveling at an excessive speed. The bus clipped the back of the parked truck in need of repair, causing its wheel to roll over the foot of our client, Mr. M.

    Mr. M sustained an injury resulting in nerve damage to his foot, a condition that can be quite painful and requires ongoing medical treatment. Defendants initially offered a collective settlement figure below $50,000, and maintained their low figure until the eve of trial. Sam Dordulian refused to settle for such an insignificant amount, having years of experience in trying and winning similar cases and negotiating fair settlements for accident victims.

    Dordulian’s experience and strategy ultimately prevailed, convincing the defendants that their offer was unjust and compelling them to increase it substantially. Dordulian ultimately obtained a settlement for over six-times the amount of the initial offering, securing the client $315,000 for their injury.

    Type of Case: Big Rig Accident / Worker’s Compensation

    Settlement Amount: $262,000 (over 4 times the largest settlement figure offered by defendant’s legal team)

    Lead Attorney: Sam Dordulian

    Our client, Jose, worked as a tractor operator for a local farm. While driving the tractor out to the fields early one morning, he was struck on the side of the freeway by a semi-trailer. The accident resulted in neck and back injuries, which could have potentially compromised Jose’s future ability to work for an extended period of time.

    Attempting to avoid responsibility for the accident, the at-fault driver’s legal representatives attempted to introduce allegations that Jose was in fact at fault for improperly operating the tractor’s lights. The defendants claimed that, through Jose’s error, his tractor was effectively hidden on the side of the road in the dark, and the driver who caused the accident should therefore not be held liable. Our lead attorney knew the true story and never wavered in his commitment to the client.

    During the litigation, no more than $60,000 was ever offered to Jose for the neck and back injuries he sustained. We pursued, however, knowing that we had a strong case, and eventually went to mediation. Ultimately, we successfully obtained a financial award in the amount of $262,500 for Jose, allowing him to properly recover and receive the medical care he required while not worrying about outstanding bills or lost wages. The final award is over four-times the largest figure ever presented by the defense team. The settlement is an excellent example of the experience and expertise our car accident attorneys rely on when presented with a settlement offer and determining whether or not it meets the standard of justice we demand for each and every one of our clients.

    Type of Case: Car Accident

    Settlement Amount: $30,000 (over 20 times the initial settlement offer from the insurance company)

    Lead Attorney: Arpineh Yeremian

    Our two clients, Alma and Sergio, were driving to visit their daughter who had just had a baby.  As they drove in their lane, a car appeared next to them traveling at a very high rate of speed. The unknown vehicle suddenly cut into the clients’ lane and clipped the corner of their vehicle. The vehicle spun out of control and ended up in the suicide lane. It was later discovered that the young driver of this performance vehicle might have been racing with a friend who appeared at the scene after the incident.

    The defendant’s insurance company denied liability throughout the case. Additionally, the at-fault driver changed his story on multiple occasions, at one point claiming that the plaintiffs’ had been driving in the suicide lane from the beginning, and caused the accident when they merged back into his lane. Thankfully, the plaintiffs only sustained minor injuries. However, they were faced with the reality of being blamed for the incident and needed an advocate to fight on their behalf.

    The insurance companies offered insignificant settlement offers to both plaintiffs — $750 to Alma and $550 to Sergio. 

    Rather than accepting an unjust settlement offer, lead attorney, Sam Dordulian, took the case to trial. Over the course of a short, three-day proceeding in limited jurisdiction court, we were able to recover $8,300 for Alma and $19,655.00 for Sergio. The final award represents a collective figure more than 20-times that which was initially offered by the insurance companies. 

    What Clients Are Saying About Dordulian Law Group

    “Dordulian Law Group helped me out greatly and was in constant communication with me during a year long process in an accident from being rear ended in a Lyft ride. The case took forever to actually end, because the insurance would not pay my medical expenses from being injured in my back. The attorneys at DLG fought for me and I am so glad they did – they even went as far as spending close to 10 hours with me in court while I had to self represent (in small claims you have to represent yourself FYI). DLG would send me constant updates by both phone and email – mad respect for that DLG. What kind of other law firm does that? At that point anyone else would have given me talking points and left me to defend for myself. This, amongst many reasons is why this law group is so successful. They care about their clients and that’s why I’ve even recommended my own family members to represent them in similar cases. May they continue to prosper!”

    -- Daniel K.
    July 24, 2019