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Do You Have To Pay Car Accident Attorney Fees?

Do You Have To Pay Car Accident Attorney Fees?

Mar 18, 2020

Imagine how sad it would be if only the most financially well-off people among us had access to justice and social equity through the legal system. And yet, that’s the exact misconception that so many people have when it comes to achieving financial compensation after a bad accident. No matter what your financial situation is, Dordulian Law Group is committed to fighting for you if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident.

The Aftermath of A Car Accident

There are few scenarios that ordinary, everyday people regularly encounter quite as scary as a car accident. Ask a room full of random people how many of them have been in an auto accident in their lives, and you might be shocked at how many raise their hand with a knowing look on their face. From annoying day-ruining experiences like fender-benders, all the way to life altering wrecks that can leave unspeakable tragedy in their wake, car accidents are an unfortunate common reality of life in California.

Of course, most people don’t leave their homes thinking “let me go out and cause a violent car crash right now” — that’s why it’s called an accident, after all. However, carelessness, negligence; and yes, sometimes mal intent can lead to a devastating accident and change the course of lives forever. We all have a certain responsibility to one another when we’re out on the roads, and to break that social contract through recklessness, intoxication, or road rage is absolutely inexcusable… and the law is here to protect you from individuals who cross the line and cause wrecks for these reasons.

One bad decision, one selfish moment, can alter an innocent person’s way of life permanently. Chronic pain, PTSD, traumatic injury, and even death can obviously occur from a car crash. It can take weeks, months, or years for a person to recover from the physical and mental trauma that follows a loved one or themselves having their reality upended by a major car accident.

Financial Compensation After Your Car Accident

The severity and seriousness of what a bad car accident can inflict on a person’s life is acknowledged by California law, which allows for victims to seek financial restitution from those who caused the accident that harmed them. That said, immediately after your accident, receiving a cash settlement might seem like a pie-in-the-sky dream. Many people journey through a variety of emotions and conflicting feelings after their accident, including a misplaced sense of guilt or shame for needing help. For many, the thought of suing to receive a cash settlement might not even be an option that they’re aware exists.

Yet, that option is alive and well, and it’s a robust option that the state of California wants to make available to victims deserving of a helping hand to restore their pre-accident lifestyle as much as realistically possible. Of course, it must be said that there is no dollar amount, and no price that can be put on a human life or which can erase a person’s lived suffering. However, when it comes to important factors like lost wages, medical bills, or new accessibility concerns, money can play an important part in making the transition into a new reality just that much easier.

Even for people who are aware that this legal option exists, one major question looms large and prevents them from picking up the phone or submitting that online form which could change their life for the better. They’re afraid that they can’t afford a car accident attorney, and they simply assume that legal representation for car accident injuries is something that only “other people” can afford. In fact, for some folks, it’s not even a matter of perception about money — they never saw themselves as someone to “make waves” or “cause a bunch of trouble” by asserting themselves and demanding financial consideration for what they’ve been through, even if it’s obvious to anyone that they’re deserving of it.

It can be quite a shock when the curtain of those two misconceptions are finally lifted. Many of the best car accident attorneys in California will work on what’s known as a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if they are successfully able to win a financial settlement on your behalf. That’s right — contingency car accident attorneys in California don’t get paid a dime unless you also get paid. They simply take a reasonable percentage of the settlement amount once you’ve already won. This means there is absolutely no downside to making that phone call, sending that email, or stopping by Dordulian Law Group’s Glendale offices for a totally private and no-obligation consultation.

Dordulian Law Group Fights For Car Accident Settlements in California

When you’re ready to seek justice and argue that you deserve compensation for your suffering, the people you choose to represent you can make all the difference. You only get one real shot to make your case and successfully negotiate a lump sum settlement that can make a massive difference in your quality of life for years or decades to come.

As you make that decision, we respectfully and humbly hope that Dordulian Law Group is your trusted choice. Our dozens of client testimonials are living, breathing proof that we are capable of delivering multi-million dollar settlements to our clients, who we come to see as family. This business is personal to us. When you entrust us with the sacred job of achieving justice for you and your family, after what you’ve been through and suffered, we’ll fight to our last breath to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve — period.

The time following a serious car accident is a difficult one. With everything going on, it can be hard to take that first step and pick up the phone to give yourself a chance at justice. Yet, if you can take the heroic step of making that first connection, we’ll carry you the rest of the way and make sure that we do everything in our power to relieve your financial worries permanently. Your cause is our cause. Your victory is our victory. All it takes is one phone call, and you’ll be on your way to a much brighter tomorrow.

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