California’s New ‘Roofie Testing Kit’ Law: 3 Things to Know

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3 Things to Know About California’s New Date-Rape Drug Testing Kit Law

3 Things to Know About California’s New Date-Rape Drug Testing Kit Law

Jun 25, 2024

If you’re planning to enjoy nightlife in Los Angeles this summer, a new California law makes date-rape drug testing kits available on demand. Bars and nightclubs throughout California are now required to provide “roofie” testing kits for patrons.

Let’s look at three important things to know about California’s new date-rape drug testing kit law.

3 Important Facts About California’s Drink-Spiking Test Kit Law

  1. As of July 1, bars and nightclubs will be required to offer customers testing kits that can detect common date rape or “roofie” drugs like ketamine, Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB. Drink testing kits will be available upon request, with bars and nightclubs required to provide them either free of charge or at wholesale cost (typically around $1).
  2. The date-rape drug test kit law aims to curb sexual assaults due to drink spiking. A recent study found that drink spiking is actually much more widespread than people realize. 6,000 students at three U.S. universities were surveyed on their personal experiences with date-rape drugs and drink spiking.

    The findings were alarming:

    • 7.8% reported being drugged in the past.
    • 12.1% reported being victims of “unwanted sexual touching” after being drugged.
    • 5.4% reported being victims of “forced sexual intercourse” after being drugged.

    Astoundingly, 83 students (1.4%) who participated in the survey admitted having drugged someone else.

    The study was published in the journal Psychology of Violence and concluded that being drugged by someone through having a drug like GHB illicitly slipped into a beverage was “significantly more widespread” than previously believed.

  3. Bars and nightclubs must also post signs reading, “Don’t get roofied! Drink spiking drug test kits available here. Ask a staff member for details.” The drink testing kits may include test strips, stickers, or straws that can be used to detect whether a controlled substance has been slipped into your drink.

West Hollywood Bar Notorious for Alleged ‘Roofie’ Incidents

West Hollywood Bar Notorious for Alleged 'Roofie' Incidents
A popular West Hollywood bar – The Abbey – has been hit with lawsuits over numerous alleged drink spiking incidents and sexual assaults. A 2024 report from confirmed that two women sued The Abbey in 2013 for $10 million each. The lawsuit alleged that during separate incidents, Abbey employees served the women drinks with “rape drugs” and then sexually assaulted them.

The next year, the lawsuit was amended to include four additional alleged victims who claimed that they had also been served beverages containing “rape drugs” by Abbey employees (though they did not allege that they were sexually assaulted).

At least one of the lawsuits was settled out of court in 2015. The details of the settlement were confidential, and representatives from The Abbey told “settling a lawsuit does not necessarily indicate any wrongdoing.”

The report from further stated that:

More than 70 people interviewed by The 19th over the course of three years reported going to The Abbey and drinking well under what they felt was their usual limit – in some cases consuming only soda or water – and experiencing disorientation to varying degrees or losing consciousness.

In 2022, the City of West Hollywood established a program to purchase and distribute drink-spiking test strips to local bars, restaurants, and patrons. In total, West Hollywood leaders and volunteers handed out 2,500 date rape drug testing kits throughout the city.

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