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Being in a bus accident can be a traumatizing — and potentially life-altering — experience. Left with acute and chronic injuries, loss of earning potential, and psychological trauma, you may not know where to turn. Maybe you feel like calling an attorney is something “someone else” does, but not you. The reality is, bus accidents and other terrible events happen from time to time in our world; and when they do, our legal system gives you avenues of recourse for a reason. You deserve to receive fair compensation for your suffering, and to make right some of the things that have been taken from you.

Of course, no settlement of any size can undo what you’ve been through in the wake of your accident. However, Dordulian Law Group’s bus accident lawyers in Glendale, California are standing by to do everything we can to minimize the negative impact of your ordeal. From finding you the best medical care, to connecting you with our staff psychologist, and advocating for your right to be financially compensated: we’re ready to take your case and show you what quality legal representation looks like.

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The Best Bus Accident Lawyers Around

So, what makes a good California bus accident personal injury attorney? It’s simple: compassion for clients, dedication to the case, and an unwavering belief that we’re here to restore as much normalcy to your life as we possibly can. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve seen the difference that a legal settlement can make in the lives of accident victims. So whether you need a school bus accident attorney, city bus accident lawyer, or representation after any type of bus accident: we want to hear from you.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve been in a bus accident as a rider, pedestrian, driver, or passenger, it’s critical that you contact our offices as soon as possible. In many instances, you may not be able to proceed with legal recourse if you wait more than 6 months from the date of your accident to initiate your case. And in general, the sooner you get the ball rolling in your quest for a settlement, the better your chances are of a favorable outcome.

One thing that our legal team sees a lot is people reluctant to come forward and contact our law office after that accident. Serious and complex issues like survivor’s guilt, or simply a sense of not wanting to “rock the boat” can discourage you from advocating for yourself and trying to be compensated for a situation where something bad happened to you. But if nobody ever picked up the phone and started the process of seeking a settlement after an accident, there would be no penalty or consequences for bus drivers who were negligent or unsafe. As a victim, you have certain rights: and chief among those rights is the ability to fight back and receive financial remittance for what you’ve been through.

Dordulian Law Group’s attorneys will walk you through your rights and options to determine whether your bus accident injury claim in California is viable. We’re proud to staff the best bus accident lawyers in Glendale or anywhere, based on our knowledge of the law, compassion for clients, and extremely successful track record.

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“Taking some time to recognize and thank a great man and team for going above and beyond in assisting me with my car accident case . Rafi Avedian is like the back bone to this law firm of Dordulian law group . I’m blessed to have my girlfriends co-worker whom referred me to this Law group.”
Dorian N.
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Bus Accident Lawyer Fees

As a final note, we know you’re probably worried about how you can possibly pay for quality legal representation. After all, in the aftermath of a bus accident you’re probably already grappling with medical costs, loss of earning ability, or other financial considerations. That’s why at Dordulian Law Group, we’re proud to take your bus accident case on a contingency basis. Contingency simply means that if we don’t earn you a settlement, you don’t pay us a single penny. It’s our commitment to you that we’ll throw absolutely everything we have at your case to fight for a favorable outcome.

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