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Boat Accident Attorneys in California

At Dordulian Law, we understand all too well how quickly a fun day on the lake or ocean can turn into a disaster that you wish never happened. Unfortunately, boating accidents and subsequent injuries are fairly common — and often, they occur due to someone else’s negligence or bad actions.

If you were hurt as a result of a boating accident, a maritime attorney at Dordulian Law Group can aggressively advocate on your behalf to win a monetary settlement that can help put your life back on track.


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An Experienced Boating Accident Law Firm

We’ve seen it all: boating accidents as a result of intoxication, faulty equipment, improper safety practices, and even intentional malice. Whether you were on your own boat, a passenger on someone else’s, or even on a luxury cruise that was supposed to be relaxing, we can help you exercise your rights. The fact is, you have a reasonable expectation of safety as a boat passenger, cruise ship occupant, or even just someone strolling along the docks.

When people make mistakes, act improperly, or decide to behave maliciously — and you get injured as a result — the laws of this country give you options to seek damages for your suffering. That’s where Dordulian Law Group comes in. Our wealth of experience advocating for personal injury victims has left a tangible track record of millions of dollars in compensation, lives repaired, and a sense of normalcy restored for dozens of families. That’s what we’re most passionate about, and that’s what we’re willing to do for you on a contingency fee basis as we exercise your legal rights and options.


When considering whether to engage in legal proceedings after a boating accident, you might feel all sorts of conflicting emotions. That’s totally normal. Perhaps you think settlements are something that other people are able to get, but not you. Maybe you think that standing up for yourself is going to make people angry or cause a big mess that you’d rather just avoid. But when you really stop and think about it for a moment, you realize that these hesitations are simply that: hesitations.

You are deserving of a settlement or monetary award. You have the right to fight back when something unfair happens to you. And above all, you should know that Dordulian Law Group protects our clients with a fierce loyalty until the very end. Let us take up the sword and shield of the justice system to advocate on your behalf, and you’ll feel what it’s like to have the full weight of a veteran law firm in your corner at all times.

Client Review

“Thank you to all the staff, and attorney’s at Dordulian Law Group for an outstanding service. I was injured last year and my case was recently close. I will always be grateful to all the staff for your commitment. I will highly recommend to anyone.”
Maria V.
Client Review


Boat Collision Attorney Fees

After a yacht and/or recreational boat collision, cruise ship accident, or any other boating disaster, it’s hard not to feel like your life’s been put on hold. Between mounting medical bills, loss of earning ability, stress on your family, and adjusting to any injuries you’ve suffered, engaging in a legal battle might seem like a scary prospect.

But the reality is that when you retain Dordulian Law Group as your boating collision attorney, we take that entire burden off your shoulders and onto ours. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay a penny unless we’re able to secure you a financial settlement or award. Not only that, but we work hard to make sure that your legal proceedings don’t require much of your attention or focus. You’ve got more important things to worry about right now — let us handle this.

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