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Damages in California Personal Injury Cases Explained

Jun 7, 2023

Personal injury law encompasses a range of case types, such as car accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more. When you’re injured due to negligence or carelessness, the value of your personal injury civil claim is typically...


How Does the Eggshell Skull Rule Impact California Personal Injury Claims?

Jun 5, 2023

Pre-existing conditions come in many forms and impact countless people. If you’re injured in a car accident or other type of incident, the insurance company may try to cite your pre-existing condition as a reason for denying a cash settlement...


Sherman Oaks Middle School Teacher Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Multiple Students

Jun 2, 2023

A local Sherman Oaks teacher has been arrested for sexually assaulting at least two students. Kareem Spann, 46, of Burbank was charged with multiple sex crime counts involving two 8th graders, officials from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office...


What are the Most Important ‘Risk Factors’ Impacting Car Insurance Rates?

Jun 1, 2023

Car insurance companies typically determine a driver’s rate based on risk. Insurance companies want to make money and will try to estimate the likelihood of you filing a claim for any type of car accident – whether or not you’re...


‘Take it Down’ Launched to Help Kids and Teens Remove Intimate Online Images

May 31, 2023

Image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) is a topic we’ve covered previously on the Dordulian Law Group Blog. Also known as revenge porn, IBSA can impact anyone at any time and is only expected to increase with the proliferation of artificial intelligence...


What are ‘Mandated Reporters’ in California?

May 26, 2023

Professionals in various capacities are charged with a duty to protect individuals who can’t protect themselves, such as children, dependent adults (e.g. the elderly), and the otherwise vulnerable. What is California’s Mandated Reporting Law? What is Mandatory Reporting? The California...


New York Survivors Act Opens Window for Dr. Robert Hadden Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

May 25, 2023

In January 2023, Dr. Robert Hadden, a former Columbia University gynecologist, was convicted on four counts for sexually abusing women. The sexual abuse survivors were patients of Dr. Hadden and included a minor and two pregnant women. Info for Survivors:...


Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Recommend Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

May 24, 2023

Car accidents happen every day, and more than 269,000 Californians were injured in 2019 motor vehicle collisions, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). While California requires all drivers to maintain minimum auto insurance policy limits, state law...


2nd California ‘Teacher of the Year’ Arrested for Child Sex Abuse; More Victims Sought

May 22, 2023

A former California high school “Teacher of the Year” has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old male student, according to a press release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Tracy Vanderhulst, 38, a teacher at Yucaipa...


What are the Top 10 Benefits of Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars?

May 19, 2023

Automated driving is evolving rapidly, and with new technologies, it’s becoming more efficient. Self-driving cars will ultimately revolutionize the way we travel, with automated driving systems allowing vehicles to handle all driving tasks without human assistance in due time. In...

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