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Tips for Protecting Your Family from Dog Attacks During National Dog Bite Awareness Week

Jun 18, 2021

National Dog Bite Awareness Week 2021 concludes today. Accordingly, we thought we’d provide you with some specific tips that can help prevent dog bites from occurring. With over 4.5 million dog bites recorded every year in the U.S and more...


Bombshell Report Uncovers Decades of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Allegations at Ojai’s Thacher Boarding School

Jun 17, 2021

For $64,700-a-year, parents can send their children to one of the most elite boarding schools in the country – The Thacher School – located in nearby Ojai, California. The student to teacher ratio at the private boarding school is reportedly...


Airbnb Reportedly Paid Australian Tourist $7 Million After Rape in New York City Rental

Jun 16, 2021

A sexual assault survivor who was raped inside a New York City Airbnb rental received a $7 million payout, according to a report from Bloomberg News. The report suggests that the attack, which occurred on New Year’s Eve in 2015,...


Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in California?

Jun 15, 2021

After recently publishing a blog looking at California’s laws determining at what age a child can legally ride on the back of a motorcycle, we thought we’d tackle another popular topic for motorcycle enthusiasts. The technique known as lane splitting...


‘Gone Girl’ Actress Lisa Banes Dies From Injuries Following Scooter Hit-and-Run

Jun 15, 2021

Lisa Banes, an actress best known for her roles in “Gone Girl” and “Cocktail,” died after being the victim of a hit-and-run scooter crash in New York City. Banes, 65, was crossing the street on June 4 in the Upper...


U.S. Postal Service Says Over 5,800 Letter Carriers Were Attacked by Dogs in 2020

Jun 14, 2021

Dog bites are a common occurrence for the everyday individual, with over 4.5 million recorded each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 880,000 dog bites require medical attention annually, and it turns out...


Multiple Dog Bites Reported in June, Including New Jersey Toddler Mauled by 2 Pit Bulls

Jun 14, 2021

A tragic story out of Elizabeth, New Jersey, surfaced last week, leaving a community mourning. A 3-year-old boy died after falling from a window at his parent’s home and landing in the backyard. Subsequently, the toddler was mauled by two...


L.A. Times Files Motion to Unseal Depositions in Sexual Harassment Case Involving Former Mayor’s Aide

Jun 11, 2021

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that an attorney representing the newspaper has requested a judge make public testimony from a lawsuit that could be of interest to Angelenos. Said lawsuit alleges an LAPD officer was sexually harassed by Mayor...


Former California Representative Katie Hill Fighting to Make Revenge Porn a Federal Crime

Jun 11, 2021

After nude images of her were disseminated around the world without her consent, former California representative, Katie Hill, reportedly feared for her safety and experienced suicidal thoughts, nightmares, anxiety, and mounting legal debt. Hill was the U.S. Representative from California’s...


Preventing Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions: A Look at Car Accidents Involving Animals

Jun 10, 2021

California is home to a variety of different animal species. Bears, coyotes, deer, cougars, and more can be found throughout the vast Golden State landscape. As industrialization and urban infrastructure has expanded, humans and wildlife habitats are more closely connected...

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