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Right-Turn Car Accident Lawyer in California

Aug 3, 2021

Every day on California’s many roads and highways, various types of car accidents occur. From rear-end collisions to rollover accidents to broadside (or T-bone) crashes, any type of motor vehicle accident can be dangerous and cause serious injuries. When a...


What is ‘Stealthing’ and Why is California AB-453 Important?

Jul 30, 2021

A message we have consistently tried to convey on the DLG blog is that sexual consent is always mandatory, and there are no exceptions to that rule under the law. A new piece of legislation – California Assembly Bill 453...


Actress Mena Suvari Describes Surviving Sexual Abuse in New Memoir

Jul 29, 2021

Sexual abuse can affect anyone. Though nobody likes to talk about it, the troubling statistics are clear – sexual abuse can manifest regardless of race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic status. According to Dordulian Law Group’s (DLG) partner organization, RAINN (Rape,...


Common Roadway Defect Conditions That Cause Car Accidents

Jul 27, 2021

2020 was a dangerous year for drivers. As the National Safety Council (NSC) reported, the fatality rate increased by a startling 24%. As drivers, we all take various precautions to ensure that we’re sharing the roads and highways safely with...


What is the Proposed Child Athlete Bill of Rights?

Jul 26, 2021

With the Tokyo Olympics in full swing, many fans are closely following the storied and elite U.S. Gymnastics program which won the gold medal in 2016. On Friday, multiple media outlets reported that Child USA and The Army of Survivors...


What is California’s Comparative Negligence Law?

Jul 23, 2021

Personal injury law encompasses a multitude of claim types, including car accidents, wrongful deaths, dog bites, slip/trip and falls, product liability, medical malpractice, premises liability, and more. Essentially, when another person or company harms you – whether out of malice...


Is the Driver Always At Fault in a Pedestrian-Involved Car Accident?

Jul 21, 2021

Both Los Angeles, as well and the state of California as a whole, are notorious for car accidents involving pedestrians. As reported, in 2019, 134 people were killed by drivers while walking in Los Angeles. That statistic equates to...


Harvey Weinstein Expected to Face Rape Charges in Los Angeles Court This Week Following Extradition

Jul 20, 2021

Disgraced Hollywood media mogul Harvey Weinstein is reportedly en route to Los Angeles today, and could make his first court appearance later this week in Los Angeles following rape and sexual assault charges. The New York State Department of Corrections...


Why Social Media Posts Can Hurt Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Jul 20, 2021

Last year, an estimated 4.8 million drivers and passengers were seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that those car accident injuries cost society around $474 billion. That’s quite a toll, with the losses often...


Many California Doctors Guilty of Gross Negligence Still Practicing Medicine According to Report

Jul 19, 2021

An alarming report released by the Los Angeles Times indicates the Medical Board of California has consistently allowed doctors accused of negligence to continue practicing and harming patients. According to an investigation conducted by the Times, the state medical board...


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