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Whether you’re an avid bicyclist or someone who only rarely goes for a ride, you’ve probably noticed that biking in California is fraught with danger. Inattentive drivers, unsafe road conditions, and even acts of road rage, with cars hitting cyclists, can lead to a devastating bicycle crash. Luckily, the bike laws in California allow for you to seek damages if you were wrongfully injured in a bicycle accident.

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The bicycle accident attorneys at Dordulian Law Group are well-versed in Los Angeles bicycle laws, and California bicycle laws in general. Our firm has successfully represented clients who have been in serious accidents which caused loss of income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other negative impacts. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize that they have legal recourse after being involved in a painful and traumatizing bike accident. They all-too-happily communicate with the other party’s insurance company, not realizing that they are forfeiting their rights and being taken advantage of in order for some insurance company to minimize their claim.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle Accident Statistics – 2018-2022

  • Over 20% of fatal bike accidents happen in the evening.
  • There were over 1,000 cycling deaths in 2019.
  • 25% of fatalities occurred between 6 p.m and 9 p.m.
  • 377 bicyclist deaths in 2019 were a result of other incidents.
  • Over 300,000 people in 2018 ended up in the emergency room for bicycle accidents.
  • Males accounted for 88% of all bicycle deaths – over seven times the number of fatalities for females.
  • The number of bicycle accidents is lower in rural areas (22%) than in cities (78%).
  • Most at-risk groups of cycling accidents are 15- to 24-year-olds and 45-year-olds and older
  • February had the lowest monthly bike accident death rate in 2019
  • 37% of Accidents Involve Alcohol – Either the victim cyclist or the party at fault.
  • 79% of Deadly Bike Accidents Happen in Urban Areas.
  • New York, Houston, and Los Angeles are the deadliest cities in the US for cyclists.
  • Helmets can prevent half of the cycling-related head injuries.
  • Around 7% of brain injuries in the US occur due to bike crashes.
  • Helmet use is obligatory in 22 US states.
  • Severe head trauma accounts for approximately 60% of all bike deaths
  • 81.8% of Impacts Happened with the Vehicle’s Front.
  • National crash data from 2012 indicate that 31 percent of all bicycling injuries from motor vehicle collisions occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Bike accident statistics show that only 27% of accidents happen at intersections.

If you’ve been involved in a bike accident, you need to speak to a qualified bicycle injury lawyer like the ones at Dordulian Law as soon as possible. Your lawyer should be the one speaking to the insurance company — not you. Of course, there’s also the possibility that no insurance company is involved yet, because your accident may have been a result of road conditions or some other non-vehicle factor. In these cases too, it’s smart to seek legal counsel quickly to determine your options to seek compensation.

Nearly half a million bicycle injuries occur in the United States each year. And unfortunately, California ranks #1 in bicycle fatalities each year, as well. If you’re a family member of someone who was tragically killed as the result of a bicycle accident, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

About 35% of all fatal bike accidents involve a drunk or intoxicated driver; and that due to California’s temperate climate, people are often biking year-round here. Many commuters, fed up with LA freeway traffic, are also opting to pedal their way to work instead of driving. Finally, you’re probably well acquainted by now with how dangerously California drivers behave on the road. It all combines to foster an extremely unsafe situation for bicyclists, leading to the extremely unfortunate bicycle accident statistics owned by this state.

If you or a loved one are involved in a bicycle accident, things may seem overwhelming and disheartening. You may not be sure what to do, or where to turn. When in doubt, consider doing the following:

  • Contact Dordulian Law Group immediately to seek financial compensation and ensure that your legal rights are protected;
  • Do not admit fault under any circumstances;
  • Compile as much information as possible surrounding your accident: photograph injuries, save medical documents, take down all vehicle information (if applicable), and try to swap contact info with any witnesses that were at the scene

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“Taking some time to recognize and thank a great man and team for going above and beyond in assisting me with my car accident case . Rafi Avedian is like the back bone to this law firm of Dordulian law group . I’m blessed to have my girlfriends co-worker whom referred me to this Law group.”
Dorian N.
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Bicycle Injury Lawyer Fees

Worried that you may not be able to afford a quality attorney after your bicycle accident? Don’t stress: Dordulian Law will take your case on contingency, meaning that you won’t need to pay us a penny unless we are able to win you a settlement. We believe that justice should be within reach of everyone, not just those with the financial means to pay an hourly lawyer fee. A quick look at the testimonials from our satisfied clients shows that we’ve been able to manifest meaningful change in our clients’ lives as a result of our hard work and inclusive contingency structure. Will you be next?

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