Benefits of Using A Car Accident Attorney For Your Claim

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Benefits of Using A Car Accident Injury Attorney

Benefits of Using A Car Accident Injury Attorney

Jan 16, 2019

After experiencing a car accident, you may be left reeling. Your current medical bills are piling up, your vehicle is damaged, and your future income is uncertain. Don’t let insurance companies intimidate you and don’t feel that you are alone. Dordulian Law Group is here to be your advocate and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Hiring a car accident attorney can help you in a multitude of ways, from easing your burden to recovering the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Explore some of the benefits of using an auto accident attorney below.

Your Car Accident Lawyer Knows Insurance Law

The first ting you do after getting into an accident is often contacting your insurance company. You may need to deal with your insurance provider, the insurance provider of the driver that struck you, or a combination of the two. Always remember: insurance companies are working in their own best interest, not yours! Knowing what you are legally entitled to is extremely nuanced and important. Your auto accident lawyer will be sure to review your case and circumstances in extreme detail to find the exact amount of compensation you are owed. Battling an insurance company without the wealth of knowledge an attorney provides can be difficult – more importantly, it can leave you without crucial compensation that can pay for medical bills, your damaged vehicle, physical therapy, wage loss, and more.

Your Car Accident Injury Attorney Exists to Represent YOU

Hiring a car accident attorney ensures that your best interests are being represented by a knowledgeable and trusted individual. Again, always remember: your insurance company is interested in protecting themselves! At Dordulian Law Group, we are so invested in protecting our clients’ best interests, we won’t take a penny from you unless we win. This way you can feel comfortable knowing you will receive our full commitment and you can be certain we are working our absolute hardest to earn you compensation. Our goal is to be your advocate so you can achieve peace of mind.

Your Car Accident Attorney Does the Heavy Lifting

The last thing you want to do after being involved in an auto accident is to wrestle with insurance companies, struggle to pay medical bills, struggle to support your family, and be left without reliable transportation. Your priority should be recovering, physically and mentally. Hiring a car accident attorney not only helps you best position yourself to receive the highest amount of compensation you may be entitled to, but it also helps you relax and recover with peace of mind. Dordulian Law Group understands how stressful experiencing an automobile accident can be, and we want to make your recovery as smooth as possible. We have experience in a multitude of auto accidents and are prepared to help you along the road to recovery today.

So, Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Ultimately, that is up to you. Do you feel like you are prepared to face insurance companies alone? Are you willing to risk additional compensation you may be entitled to that you are not aware of? Do you feel that your physical and emotional trauma may hold you back from representing your best interests? Your compensation and peace of mind are at risk when you choose to fight insurance companies alone. Know that Dordulian Law Group is here to be your advocate. We’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover over $20 million, and are eager to do the same for you. We do not collect any legal fees if we do not recover compensation for you. Contact Dordulian Law Group now for a free, private consultation.

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