Anaheim Dance Studio Owner Arrested for Multiple Sexual Assaults Involving Minors

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Anaheim Dance Studio Owner Arrested for Child Sex Abuse; Police Seek More Victims

Anaheim Dance Studio Owner Arrested for Child Sex Abuse; Police Seek More Victims

Nov 10, 2022

The owner of an Anaheim dance studio was arrested for multiple sexual assaults involving minors, according to the city’s police department.

Anaheim Dance Studio Owner Arrested for Multiple Sexual Assaults Involving Minors

Richard Hirschl, 66, of Tustin is accused of sexually assaulting two minors at his place of business several years ago, local FOX 11 reported.

The sexual assault suspect is the owner of “Hirschl School of Dance,” located on the 1000 block of N. Tustin Avenue in Anaheim. The alleged child sex abuse crimes are believed to have occurred between 2012 and 2017.

The victims, whose identities have not been disclosed, are described by police as:

  • A 12-year-old at the time of the incident in 2012
  • An individual between 11 and 13 years old at the time of the second incident which took place between 2012 and 2017

At least one of the sexual assaults involving a minor is alleged to have occurred at the dance studio, according to officials.

Hirschl was taken into custody Friday by Anaheim Police following an arrest warrant being issued on November 4. Both alleged victims identified Hirschl as a suspect in the sexual assaults. He faces multiple counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor.

If convicted, the Anaheim dance studio owner could receive a sentence of up to 14 years in state prison.

Local KTLA reported that Hirschl was subsequently released from the Anaheim City Jail on $100,000 bail.

Anaheim Police investigators believe there may be additional survivors who were victimized by Hirschl but have yet to come forward. Anyone else with information related to a sex crime committed by the Anaheim dance studio owner is urged to contact Detective L. Cao at 714-765-1679.

How to Spot the Warning Signs of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The warning signs of child sexual abuse are often broken down into three categories: physical, behavioral, and emotional.

Let’s look at each category in greater detail:

Common Physical Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse:

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Signs of trauma to the genital area, such as unexplained bleeding, bruising, or blood on the sheets, underwear, or other clothing
  • Unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

Common Behavioral Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse:

  • Excessive talk about or knowledge of sexual topics
  • Changes in personal care, hygiene, or grooming
  • Substance abuse
  • Keeping secrets Not talking as much as usual
  • Not wanting to be left alone with certain people or being afraid to be away from primary caregivers, especially if this is a new behavior
  • Regressive behaviors or resuming behaviors they had grown out of, such as thumbsucking or bedwetting
  • Overly compliant behavior
  • Sexual behavior that is inappropriate for the child’s age
  • Spending an unusual amount of time alone
  • Trying to avoid removing clothing to change or bathe

Common Emotional Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse:

  • Change in eating habits
  • Change in mood or personality, such as increased aggression
  • Decrease in confidence or self-image
  • Suicidal ideations or attempts
  • Excessive worry or fearfulness
  • Increase in unexplained health problems such as stomach aches and headaches
  • Loss or decrease in interest in school, activities, and friends
  • Nightmares or fear of being alone at night
  • Self-harming behaviors
  • While the list of potential warning signs of child sexual abuse may seem overwhelming for parents, it’s important to note that the more information and education available, the more likely you will be able to identify said signs.

How to File a California Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The three-year lookback window to file child sexual abuse civil claims remains open until December 31, 2022, under California AB 218. AB 218 is widely considered to be landmark legislation, as it allows all survivors of childhood sexual abuse the opportunity to file civil claims seeking financial compensation against perpetrators – regardless of how long ago the crimes occurred.

Also commonly known as a revival window, this limited opportunity affords all survivors of child sex abuse an opportunity to obtain the justice they deserve.

The statute of limitations is currently paused under the AB 218 legislation. Accordingly, any survivor of childhood sexual abuse may now immediately file a civil lawsuit for damages with Dordulian Law Group.

After December 31, 2022, however, the standard statute of limitations will resume, and survivors who did not file claims will likely be left without any future legal recourse.

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