Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple Individuals

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Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple Individuals

Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple Individuals

Jan 5, 2021

Fashion designer Alex Wang is facing numerous allegations of sexual assault. Last week, two fashion industry “watchdog” Instagram accounts (@s-tmodelmgmt and @DietPrada) began sharing survivor stories alleging sexual misconduct on the part of Wang. Following those postings, British Model, Owen Moody, issued a TikTok response detailing an alleged sexual assault incident from 2017 in New York City.

“I was by myself at one point and this guy next to me obviously took advantage of the fact that no one could f—ing move and he just started like, touching me up. And fully like, up my leg, in my crotch, like it made me freeze completely because I was in such shock. I looked to my left to see who it was and it was this really famous fashion designer. Like, I couldn’t believe that he was doing that to me. It made me go into even more shock,” Mooney said.

In a follow-up TikTok post, Mooney specifically identified Wang, stating, “Turns out Alexander Wang is a massive sexual predator… and there’s been a load of other people that he’s done this to. So in that case, he needs to be exposed.”

In another allegation, a man identified only as Nick told the Daily Mail that Wang assaulted him at Brooklyn gay bar, 3 Dollar Bill.

“‘I kind of noticed him, but I didn’t know it was him, but he kept kind of coming up to me and my friend and dancing with us,” Nick said. “Later in the night, he was getting a little bit more aggressive, like pulling me, but in the club that’s just kind of normal. So I didn’t really think that much of it.” Nick added, however, “once we started hanging out with his friends, it was a lot different, it was a lot more aggressive.”
Nick alleges that although he doesn’t believe his drink was spiked with MDMA (as other Wang accusers have claimed), he was drinking heavily around the fashion designer and blacked out. While unconscious, Nick alleges Wang sexually assaulted him continuously.

“Each time I was blacked out, I would come to consciousness, and he was doing something [sexually] to me…I was shocked. I brushed him off, and he just laughed it off.” “I’m like next to all of his friends, which were all women… so I’m kind of shocked that it was normal for them,” Nick added.

Later that night, Nick said he became alert in an Uber and found Wang performing a nonconsensual sex act on him.

Again, I was blacked out and woke up to him giving me oral in the car. This time I was telling him, ‘we are in a car!’ His friends are also in the car, so that’s why it was so odd.”

Nick also told the Daily Mail he believes such behavior is normal for Wang, who seemed unfazed by being told repeatedly to stop.

“Each time he’s never really surprised. Even if I become alert and jump, realizing what’s happening he just acts like it’s normal,” Nick said.

In another allegation, The Guardian reported that a trans model and actor, Gia Garison, described details of an incident at a New York City party in February 2017: “He tried to pull my panties down and expose my genitals in the VIP area,” she said.

“It was just another night and then I remember being introduced to Alexander Wang and then chatting to him. I just remember dancing around and he was chilling with his posse and then reached for my bikini bottoms I was wearing and tried to tug them downwards.”

“I said: ‘What are you doing, what the f***?,’ and stepped away. I didn’t make much of it in the moment because I was just in club mode and tried to let things brush off my shoulder and not ruin my night.” “I’ve done many shoots where they’ve wanted to put me in his clothing since and I’ve just said no,” Garrison added.

Wang’s lawyer denied the allegations, declaring the fashion designer “has never grabbed any woman” in such a manner.

Last week, Model Alliance, a New York-based advocacy group focused on research and policy for models and others employed in the fashion industry, issued a statement via Twitter.

We at the Model Alliance stand in solidarity with those who have shared accusations of sexual abuse by Alexander Wang,” the group wrote. “Let’s be clear: The fashion industry’s lack of transparency and accountability leaves all models vulnerable to abuse, regardless of their sex or gender identity.”

Wang denied the allegations in a statement issued to PEOPLE Magazine.

“Over the last few days, I have been on the receiving end of baseless and grotesquely false accusations. These claims have been wrongfully amplified by social media accounts infamous for posting defamatory material from undisclosed and/or anonymous sources with zero evidence or any fact checking whatsoever,” Wang said in the statement.

On Monday, Page Six confirmed that an attorney was representing the models who made sexual assault allegations against Wang.

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