Adult Film Star Adriana Chechik Breaks Back at San Diego TwitchCon Foam Pit Event

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Adriana Chechik Breaks Back at San Diego TwitchCon Event; Attendees Say Foam Pit ‘Wasn’t Safe’

Adriana Chechik Breaks Back at San Diego TwitchCon Event; Attendees Say Foam Pit ‘Wasn’t Safe’

Oct 13, 2022

A prominent adult film star and Twitch streamer suffered a severe injury over the weekend after jumping into a foam pit during a streaming event at the San Diego Convention Center.

Adriana Chechik, a well-known performer with nearly 4 million Instagram followers and over 800,000 followers on Twitch, said she broke her back in two places following the jump into the foam pit at TwitchCon.

Adult Film Star Adriana Chechik Breaks Back at San Diego TwitchCon Foam Pit EventAdult Film Star Adriana Chechik Breaks Back at San Diego TwitchCon Foam Pit Event

“Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today,” Chechik tweeted. “Send your support. When it rains it pours and I am definitely feeling the rain right now.”

“Special shout out to the random off work EMT who got the workers at the booth to realize how bad I was injured and to make them keep me still and calm me down until others got there. [You really] kept me from crying badly,” she added.

The sold-out convention brought together streamers and fans for meetups, panels, and exhibits, according to a local KTLA report. One of those exhibits was a booth organized by tech company Lenovo – a “Gladiator” style battle on an elevated platform with a foam pit underneath. According to KTLA, the Lenovo booth allowed for “two people to duke it out with foam weapons or fall into the foam pit below.
“Participants, who were asked to sign waivers, could win by knocking their opponents off of their platforms using unwieldy foam noodles. The platforms were about two feet high, and the pit was about a foot deep,” NBC News reported.

But video footage of Chechik’s turn at the Lenovo Gladiator-style booth at TwitchCon shows her falling into the pit and appearing to suffer a serious injury.

“The foam pit was apparently much more shallow than a standard foam pit and Chechik fell hard, tailbone first, onto the solid surface below,” KTLA reported.

I can’t get up,” the Twitch steamer can be heard saying in the video. Shortly thereafter, an announcer appears to reassure the crowd that, “No, no, she’s fine,” the New York Post reported.

Rolling Stone further reported that “…the foam pit was a collab between tech companies Intel and Lenovo and allowed attendees to battle with foam swords on a raised platform, eventually sending one of them down into the pit of foam blocks. During Chechik’s turn with streamer EdyBot, video of the incident shows Chechik defeating EdyBot, before jumping off of her platform and into the foam pit, bottom-first.

Following her serious injury, Chechik is reportedly questioning why Lenovo and Intel failed to make the event safer.

“Why did @LenovoLegion say here, you can dive in?” Chechik tweeted. “They open the pit up a second day after the 1st person injured their foot and ankle bad enough to leave #twitchcon in a brace.”

When approached for a comment Sunday, a spokesperson for Lenovo told Rolling Stone that they closed the pit following Chechik’s injuries and are “looking into the incident.

“We are aware of the incidents of TwitchCon visitors who sustained injuries in the gladiator game soft foam pit at the Lenovo booth,” the spokesperson told Rolling Stone. “The area has since been closed for any further use while we work with event organizers to look into the incidents.” Lenovo, Intel, and Twitch did not respond to additional requests for comment, Rolling Stone confirmed.

NBC News also reported that Chechik was actually not the only one to be injured in the Lenovo/Intel foam pit at San Diego TwitchCon. LochVaness – another well-known streamer – said she dislocated her kneecap after tumbling into the foam pit.

LochVaness reportedly told NBC News that she was “very sore but OK.

Additionally, Buzzfeed reporters visited the foam pit and described the foam blocks strewn across the exhibit as “somewhat squishy but … still rather firm.” Buzzfeed also described the depth of the pit as only about two feet, as compared to the six-foot depth recommended by a British foam pit manufacturer.

Chechik provided an update on her condition Tuesday, stating that she underwent five hours of surgery and received several spinal fusions.

Bones completely crushed & nerve damage to my bladder, hopefully I’ll be able to pee again in the near future,” she wrote on Twitter.

Chechik has since called out both Twitch and Lenovo for hosting the exhibit and voiced frustration over a lack of “well wishes” from either of the two companies or the convention center, KTLA reported.

KTLA attempted to reach Twitch representatives for comment on Chechik’s injuries, but all inquiries from the media outlet were directed to Lenovo.

Could Lenovo and Intel be Liable for Injuries Suffered by Chechik and LochVaness?

Could Lenovo and Intel be Liable for Injuries Suffered by Chechik and LochVaness
The TwitchCon event incidents involving Adriana Chechik and LochVaness could warrant what are known as premises liability claims under California personal injury law. Premises liability civil lawsuits can include any type of incident resulting in an injury which occurs on either public or private property.

When negligence or carelessness is involved – whether on the part of a property owner, property manager, event organizer, or event employee – an injured victim harmed in a premises liability incident may be eligible to recover a substantial cash settlement.

With the San Diego TwitchCon foam pit booth injuries, the question of whether or not the event organizers failed to provide a duty of care under the law – an obligation to ensure a safe environment free of hazards and dangers for all those attending – will likely be a major factor.

How Much is a Premises Liability Claim Worth?

As is the case with virtually all personal injury lawsuits, the value of a premises liability claim is typically dependent upon the severity of any injuries sustained and the degree of negligence involved. As we noted in a recent blog, a recent premises liability case involving a shooting at a Georgia grocery store that led to a major damages award has garnered national headlines:

In 2015, LaQuan Tremell Taylor, a 27-year-old Navy veteran, was accosted in the parking lot of an Atlanta-area Kroger supermarket. He was robbed, carjacked, and shot at least 12 times. The injuries were so severe that Taylor required multiple surgeries. Though he miraculously survived, he was left paraplegic.

After the ordeal, Taylor filed a premises liability lawsuit against Kroger, alleging the supermarket chain failed to provide any type of security in the parking lot. The suit also claimed Kroger had a duty to warn customers of the potential dangers given that the store was in a high-crime area.

Taylor prevailed in court, with a DeKalb County jury awarding him $69.6 million in damages. The case represents one of the largest premises liability verdicts in the history of not only the state of Georgia, but the entire nation.

Other examples of major premises liability settlements or verdicts include:

  • In 2015, a Florida jury awarded $60 million to a woman who suffered a severe brain injury after a car accident. The lawsuit alleged that the bar where the woman and her boyfriend had been drinking negligently served them too much alcohol, therefore causing the crash that led to such catastrophic injuries.
  • In November 2019, a jury returned a $55 million verdict for a young woman who was raped by a staff member at a treatment center for patients with various types of intellectual disabilities, mental disorders, and trauma. The jury found that Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health was grossly negligent for failing to protect the woman from repeated sexual assaults.
  • Also in 2019, a jury awarded $43 million to a man who had been shot in a CVS parking lot. James Carmichael reportedly underwent multiple surgeries after being shot at the pharmacy near Atlanta. The premises liability suit alleged CVS failed to provide adequate security despite workers having repeatedly expressed fears for their safety. Moreover, the suit claimed an employee had been robbed at gunpoint just three weeks prior to Carmichael’s shooting, demonstrating a pattern of negligence on the part of CVS.

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