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A former Deputy District Attorney, Samuel Dordulian is a highly experienced lawyer in Glendale, CA who has assisted in the prosecution of countless criminals. He is now using his experience and passion to advocate for sexual abuse victims and those involved in personal injury disputes.

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Over $20 Million Recovered
Former Deputy District Attorney
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Samuel Dordulian spent his time as Deputy District Attorney prosecuting criminals, including murderers and rapists. He brought justice and safety to the community by assisting in putting dangerous criminals behind bars. The Dordulian Law Group is now working with the community and crime victims to help them achieve justice.

Proven Track Record

The dozens of testimonials from our satisfied clients demonstrate the tangible, positive change that we’ve brought to victims’ lives. We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing in Los Angeles for years: representing people from all backgrounds while giving them a chance to achieve justice through the flexibility of our contingency fee structure.

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Contacting an attorney for a consultation regarding a personal injury can feel like a big step. You may not want to “rock the boat” or cause trouble… even if you were a victim of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence. Yet, an overwhelming number of our clients say they wish they had contacted us even sooner once they saw how diligently and quickly we began advocating on their behalf. The gloves are on, and Dordulian Law Group is ready to square up in your corner to help you lock down a cash settlement — all you have to do is take the leap.

Our Attorneys

Samuel DordulianManaging Partner

Practice Areas: Sexual Abuse, Assault Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Workers’ Compensation Law, and Employment Law

  Samuel Dordulian is a highly regarded litigator in the Southern California area with over 18 years of legal experience. Mr. Dordulian is the president and owner of Dordulian Law Group, in Glendale, California. His practice specializes in worker’s compensation, personal injury, and employment law. Mr. Dordulian has conducted over 80 jury trials and has a win record of over...

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Arpineh YeremianManaging Attorney

Practice Area: Personal Injury Law

Arpineh Yeremian, Esq. is a highly experienced advocate for clients in the greater Southern California region and beyond. Educated in Psychology before attending law school, Ms. Yeremian has developed an innate understanding of the power of connecting with people – clients and juries alike. She displays passion and vigor toward every case. With a career record that demonstrates her versatility...

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Christopher MandalianAttorney

Practice Area: Personal Injury Law

Christopher Mandalian is an associate attorney with Dordulian Law Group. Mr. Mandalian graduated from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 2018, where he served as a member of the Project for the Innocent, assisting with the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted, and as the internal social chair for the Armenian Law Students Association. During his time at Loyola Law School,...

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$1.25 Million Recovered

When Ricardo G. experienced a motorcycle accident resulting in a serious shoulder injury, Dordulian Law helped him achieve a settlement of $1.25 million.


$750,000 Recovered

A Kaiser doctor injured Lori W.’s vocal cords during surgery. The attorneys at Dordulian Law helped Lori achieve a settlement of $750,000.

Work Fall

$1.95 Million Recovered

Oscar M. never expected to sustain a severe head injury while on the job. That slip and fall at work led to Dordulian Law securing Oscar a settlement of $1.95 million.


$835,000 Recovered

Elise H. was a passenger in a work van that got into a serious accident. She sustained significant leg injuries, but Dordulian Law fought for her rights – and secured her a settlement of $835,000.

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